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Welcome to Spiritual Short Stories!

This is the most comprehensive website on the internet devoted specifically to spiritual stories. Although there is a very large collection of parables, many of the spiritual stories are written by and for people just like yourself. Contributions are welcome, so please feel free to submit your favorite spiritual story using the link at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! :)

Featured Spiritual Story:
When The Morning Comes

At the turn of the century there was a city worker whose youth had been spent in evil ways. But one night during a revival meeting, he was spiritually born anew. Soon after, he ran into one of his old drinking pals. Knowing his friend needed God, he attempted to witness to him about his newly found peace. His friend rebuffed him rudely and made fun of him for "turning pious."

"I'll tell you what," said the new Christian, "you know that I am...

Featured Spiritual Parable:
Final Set: Wimbledon 2012

"Nine games all, final set".

As Rodderer and Feddic made their way to their respective chairs their paths crossed at the net. As they got closer to each other their pace slowed and they looked at each other keenly. They stopped. The packed Centre Court crowd went quiet, suspecting a subtle psyching out of the combatants, not wanting to miss a thing. They were not disappointed. Surprised yes, shocked even, but not disappointed by the drama of what happened next . . .

Spiritual Movie Review:
Curtain Call

Curtain Call 
This movie was an enjoyable look at ghosts, love and relationships, and trying to right the wrongs that cause our souls unrest (even if it may not be possible).

The main character, Stevenson, purchases a new expensive home to celebrate his new high paying job, but he's not as excited about living with his girlfriend as she is with him. She has dreams of marriage, and he has no clue how much she really means to him.

Fortunately (or not), for him, the house is haunted by the eccentric ghosts of a Vaudeville actor and actress who bring out both the best and worst in Stevenson. His girlfriend overhears him talking to them about his 'true' feelings and, even though she doesn't know about the ghosts, quickly realizes that she's just another unwanted guest in Stevenson's house and life.

Without giving away too much of the plot, it's easy to see how Stevenson's relationship with his girlfriend is just a reflection of the relationship that the ghosts have with each other. Some of the slapstick humor goes a bit overboard, but even then there's reason for good laughs among the egocentric ghosts, and the miscommunications and mishaps in the film.

Not one of Spiritual Cinema Circle's finest, but still enjoyable and worth the watch.
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Spiritual Book Review:
The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews

  Spiritual Book: The Traveler's Gift
The Traveler's Gift is a terrific blend of not just practicality and spirituality, but also of fiction and non-fiction. The story begins as David Ponder, who just got laid off, feels he's a total failure in life. In a bizarre chain of events (which I won't share so I don't ruin part of the plot), he travels through time to meet 7 of the most influential people in world history. Each one of them has a piece of wisdom for him that will help him shift from the mindset of failure to success.

Because the book is mostly well-written fiction, it reads quickly and easily. I was continually curious as to what crazy situation would David Ponder be thrown into, and which influential person would he meet next. Though I didn't find this book taught me anything I didn't already know, I did feel that it served as a wonderful reminder of the innate power we all already have within each and every one of us.
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Spiritual Quote of the Moment

"What we leave behind is not engraved in stone monuments but woven into the lives of others."
- Pericles
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