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Welcome to Spiritual Short Stories!

This is the most comprehensive website on the internet devoted specifically to spiritual stories. Although there is a very large collection of parables, many of the spiritual stories are written by and for people just like yourself. Contributions are welcome, so please feel free to submit your favorite spiritual story using the link at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! :)

Featured Spiritual Story:
Bloom Where You're Planted

The flowers that bloom in the spring tra la. Indeed. Who would think that flowers have a life of their own. I mean really. Flowers are supposed to just stay put and look pretty and give off wonderful fragrances. They are not supposed to have feelings and thoughts. They are supposed to just stay where I plant them and be grateful for what I bestow on them.

They're not supposed to get uppity...

Featured Spiritual Parable:
Guardian's Support Needed

In the kite flying season of the year, there was a kite that flew very very high, all the way to the end of its thread. The kite noticed off in th distance that an eagle was flying even higher, and more freely without the thread tying it down.

This gave the kite the idea that if he were...

Spiritual Movie Review:

One is a candid documentary of interviews with many of today's most prominent spiritual leaders from many different religions and spiritual paths. It is interesting to see where each person's idea of "oneness" converges, and where they differ.

Some parts of this film are a little boring, as I've found to be my experience with most documentaries, yet ironically some of the parts of the movie with the least action are the most interesting (I never thought watching Uma Thurman's dad stare at a screen for minutes without moving could be so captivating!)

Perhaps the most delightful element of this film is not the film itself, but the story behind its creation–just a few guys who were interested in the idea of "oneness," and never thought in a million years it would become a documentary of interviews with people like Thich Nhat Hanh, Deepak Chopra, Robert Thurman, Ram Dass, and others.
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Spiritual Book Review:
That's Why We Don't Eat Animals by Ruby Roth

  Spiritual Book: That's Why We Don't Eat Animals
Wonderfully illustrated and inspiring for children of all ages, author Ruby Roth has tackled the complex moral and ethical issue of choosing to be a vegetarian, distilling it into a compassionate and informative snapshot of the emotional lives of animals in their natural state. That's Why We Don't Eat Animals is a timely reminder to look inside our hearts and reconsider the choices we make – and their impact on our fellow creatures and the well-being of the planet.

This guest review by Julie Clayton is brought to you in partnership with New Consciousness Review.
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Spiritual Quote of the Moment

"If we only knew how many times our seemingly clever comment cut straight into the heart of the person with whom we have just spoken, it is we who would bleed."
- Guy Finley
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