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Welcome to Spiritual Short Stories!

This is the most comprehensive website on the internet devoted specifically to spiritual stories. Although there is a very large collection of parables, many of the spiritual stories are written by and for people just like yourself. Contributions are welcome, so please feel free to submit your favorite spiritual story using the link at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! :)

Featured Spiritual Story:
A Resolved Fight

Shortly after reading A Course in Miracles for the first time, I was standing on my balcony and I saw a fight break out with my one son's friend and a boy who didn't even live here but had lived in a building across from us. This boy was hurting my son's friend.

I began to pray...

Featured Spiritual Parable:
A Buddha Is Among You

The abbot of a once famous Buddhist monastery that had fallen into decline was deeply troubled. Monks were lax in their practice, novices were leaving and lay supporters deserting to other centers. He traveled far to a sage and recounted his tale of woe, of how much he desired to transform his monastery to the flourishing haven it had been in days of yore.

The sage looked him in the eye and said, "The reason your monastery has languished is that the Buddha is living among you in disguise...

Spiritual Movie Review:

Pumpkin is not your average spiritual film. For one, it's rated 'R' due to a few sexual situations and use of the 'f' word. It also takes place within the context of college sororities and fraternities, and includes many politically incorrect statements that cross social, racial, and mental boundaries.

Interestingly though, all of those things that are not typical for a spiritual film contribute to the deep spiritual messages in this film. At its simplest level, this film serves as a metaphor for the unfolding of our soul... of looking past our conditioning to understand and accept our authentic self. The main character, a sorority girl, begins this journey by questioning a very reasonable decision that the sorority makes.

Ultimately, she ends up questioning herself and everybody around her, and the journey which follows is nothing short of delightful.
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Spiritual Book Review:
True Stories of Messages from Beyond by Julie Mucha-Aydlott

  Spiritual Book: True Stories of Messages from Beyond
This page turner, which is filled with stories written by those who've experienced encounters by their departed loved ones, will soften even the hardest skeptics. The first story is, by far, the most heart warming and captivating. Some of the later stories will make you seriously question your beliefs about life after death, if you haven't done so already. Many of the experiences the writers have had will give you goosebumps for there is often no logical explanation for what they describe. We recommend this book for those who love tales of encounters from the "other side" as well as those who enjoy expanding their mind and heart.
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Spiritual Quote of the Moment

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion."
- Albert Camus
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