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Welcome to Spiritual Short Stories!

This is the most comprehensive website on the internet devoted specifically to spiritual stories. Although there is a very large collection of parables, many of the spiritual stories are written by and for people just like yourself. Contributions are welcome, so please feel free to submit your favorite spiritual story using the link at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! :)

Featured Spiritual Story:
The Rainmaker

Sitting against this washed up log at the beach, I can't recall the last time I've eaten. My stomach feels like it is eating itself inside out, and my body is weak and weary from all I have been through. I have not shaved in months and the hair on my head has grown long and natty.

There is no solace in sight, except for the...

Featured Spiritual Parable:
The Spiritual TV Game Show

I believe I have come upon a wonderful idea for a new reality TV game show. It will be called, "Nothing." The object of the game is to wind up with nothing. Maybe I could shave my head, put in an earring or two, and host the show. On second thought, I would rather be a contestant. Actually, I have another idea for a "host." He would always be off-camera; the contestants would only hear his voice.

This show would be...

Spiritual Movie Review:
The Mighty

The Mighty 
An over-sized junior high school kid who is intellectually impaired and prefers to keep to himself meets a physically handicapped whiz kid who is not afraid to speak up when it's needed. A modern day yin & yang, they not only balance each other out, they also become an immovable force when joined together. Each boy brings to the table what the other is lacking, but the deep level of understanding and compassion they have for one another is the glue that binds them together.

Synchronocities abound on many levels, and healing naturally occurs as the friendship blossoms. This movie will inspire, enrich your hearts and minds, and bring you back to those dreaded junior high school days in which you were lucky just to get out alive. A film for the whole family in which young and old alike will find tremendous enjoyment.
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Spiritual Book Review:
Home With God by Neale Donald Walsch

  Spiritual Book: Home With God
This is the final book in the Conversation with God series that is most certainly a climactic ending. Everything you've ever wanted to know about what occurs after we leave our bodies can be found here amidst the pages.

What does it mean to return home with God? Is it something we can do anytime or do we have to wait for it? Can anyone do this or is it only for the privileged? These questions and more will be answered as Neale Donald Walsch once again takes pen to paper and lets the words flow from deep within him.
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Spiritual Quote of the Moment

"Keep knocking, and the joy inside will eventually open up a window and look out to see who's there."
- Jalal ad-Din Rumi
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