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Welcome to Spiritual Short Stories!

This is the most comprehensive website on the internet devoted specifically to spiritual stories. Although there is a very large collection of parables, many of the spiritual stories are written by and for people just like yourself. Contributions are welcome, so please feel free to submit your favorite spiritual story using the link at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! :)

Featured Spiritual Story:

I've known God's love through its many manifestations: my husband, the myriad of other Souls who came and went in my life, even my cats. But it was never enough. I wanted to know God, up close and personal. Metaphorically-speaking, I'd shake my fists at the sky and cry for God-Realization.

After one prolonged period of trying every technique I knew, I was given the following experience as I slept...

Featured Spiritual Parable:
Conversation of the Flame

It was an unusually quiet night. Perhaps the new blanket of snow, the first of the season, had something to do with it... but none of the usual conversation was going on in the kitchen. The tea cups that loved to gossip about the day's events were silent, and even the sink--whose habit it was to complain every night about the dishes left in it--had nothing to say. It was as though everyone was waiting for something to happen. Only what?

It was the candleholder that finally...

Spiritual Movie Review:
Kyle XY

Kyle XY 
Kyle is a teenager who suddenly wakes up naked in the middle of a forest with no memory whatsoever. He appears to possess talents that are beyond the normal human capabilities, and his direct on the mark observations about humanity bring a deeply spiritual element to this sci-fi drama series.

It's rare I find a TV show I like (especially since I don't have cable), but Kyle XY has become my favorite of all-time. The writer has seamlessly integrated spiritual, inspirational, and emotionally moving elements with just the right touch of realism and humor. I recommend that you watch from episode 1, and don't skip ahead.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that Kyle doesn't have a belly button...
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Spiritual Book Review:
7 Day Back Pain Cure by Jesse Cannone

  Spiritual Book: 7 Day Back Pain Cure
If you or somebody you know has back pain, this is an extremely important book to read. Jesse expertly shares why conventional medicine, surgeries, and medications, are generally ineffective at relieving back and neck pain. He also explains why many unconventional methods, such as accupunture, massage therapy, and chiropracty are equally as ineffective for long-term results when used alone.

Continuing on, if conventional medicine doesn’t have the answers, and neither do most alternative therapies, then what actually works? Simply put, Jesse shows how almost all back pain is the result of one of three things: Excess, deficiency, or stagnation. He also explains how these can appear in many different aspects of our lives, ranging from physical posture and repetitive activities, to diet and even the way that we think.

Jesse uses a great metaphor: If you have a leak in the roof, the first thing you do is get a bucket to catch the water. The problem is, most approaches to fixing back pain try to just keep replacing the bucket when it gets full, instead of trying to find the true source of the pain and plug the hold in the roof.

On that note, Jesse shares that back pain falls into two categories: neurological and muscular. A big challenge is that most people are not trained to differentiate the -source- of those kinds of pains, and as a result, people with back pain keep trying new and different approaches with minimal long-lasting relief. What works to resolve muscular pain may be the exact opposite of what’s needed to help with neurological pain, so often times people chase the wrong solutions and sometimes even end up with more pain than before they sought treatment.

In fact, Jesse even goes on to say that to truly experience long-lasting and significant relief from back pain problems, the back is actually the -last- place that people should be looking...

and after reading his book, I believe him.

Jesse writes everything in such simple terms and illustrates is points with stories and metaphors we all can relate to. After reading this book you’ll wonder why anybody even goes to doctors to try and fix their back pain. The book is aptly titled because once you understand the true causes of your back pain, whether it be mental or physical, it won’t take long to experience significant.

Lastly, one thing I appreciate about this book is that Jesse makes it a point to discuss how several different approaches such as EFT / Tapping, hypnosis, visualization, reiki, and rolfing, can be integrated with chiropracty, massage therapy, and accupuncture, can all work together with his "Muscle Balance Therapy™" approach.
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Spiritual Quote of the Moment

"Healing does not mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing what is now to move us closer to God."
- Ram Dass
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