Founded in 2006, is the largest website on the internet devoted specifically to sharing short spiritual stories. Our mission is to share the wisdom and Truth from all religions and faiths through the art of storytelling. This includes both parables from many different eras and teachers, as well as original stories that are submitted and written by our visitors.

When we are not running our own advertising campaigns to increase readership, receives approximately 14,000 page views per month and reaches 4,100 unique visitors. The majority of these visitors are women aged 45 and over and they stay on-site for an average of 2:30 minutes with 20% of them staying on-site for over 6 minutes. 81% of our visitors find us through organic search (mostly Google).

We are grateful to offer a variety of creative advertising options to help you reach your ideal customers. This includes banner ads on the lright side of our website, as well as the opportunity to sponsor stories online and in our newsletter eZine.

After reviewing the options below, if you have questions or would like to purchase advertising please contact us through our Help Desk at

Banner Ads

Banner ads display across all page of the site and are displayed on the right side. Below are the sizes available and the rates for each of our banner ad options:

Banner Ad Options
Size 1 Month 3-Month
(Save 10%)
(Save 15%)
(Save 25% – Best Value)
120×60 $40 $105 $200 $360
120×90 $50 $135 $255 $450
125×125 $75 $200 $380 $675
120×240 $150 $405 $765 $1,350
120×600 $300 $800 $1,500 $2,700

If you are familiar with traditional advertising pricing, then for your reference our one-month banner ad prices for 125×125 are roughly equivalent to $1.36 CPM. Our 12-month price brings it down to $1.02

Sponsored eMail Stories

Anybody can submit a story to our website for free, and I encourage you to do so. That’s not what sponsored stories are about. Sponsored stories go into our automated email followup system and are sent to every single subscriber when they reach that step in our email sequence. Therefore, Sponsored Stories which appear earlier in our sequence will inevitably reach the most subscribers.

These emails are the backbone of the relationship with our visitors and are extremely engaging. Hundreds of people have written testimonials about how influential our spiritual story emails have been to them. These emails change lives, so having your name, company, or product associated with them gives you some major credibility (and great karma as well!).

Here’s how this works: You can either write your own story or share a story that is not currently on our site. We then will include a byline and paragraph encouraging our email subscribers to visit your website and enter the story into our followup system. Though all Sponsored Stories must pass through our editorial process, you will be consulted every step of the way to ensure that your sponsored story appears just the way you want it to. All stories must be spiritual in nature and have a message that benefits all of humanity (therefore, if it preaches a specific belief that is not shared by all major religions, we will ask you to select a new story). Our subscribers trust us with the greatest integrity, and we expect our advertisers to hold to those same high standards as well.

Because our email followup system is longer than most, pricing is based on how early in the sequence you want your Sponsored Story to appear. All prices are for lifetime (forever) sponsorships. This way you never have to worry about monthly costs. Pay once and you’ll get a lifetime of advertising that reaches every single one of our future subscribers.

Sponsored Story Pricing
Placement in Sequence Price Spaces Remaining
Days 3 to 15 $5,000 3
Days 16 to 30 $3,500 5
Days 31 to 60 $3,000 5
Days 61 to 90 $2,500 5
Days 91 to 120 $2,000 5
Days 121 to 180 $1,500 10
Days 181 to 365 $1,000 30
Days 365 and beyond $500 Unlimited

Note: Once spaces are gone from the available time slots in the first year, no new ones will be made available. This is because there are limited numbers of days in the year, and therefore, a limited number of Sponsored eMail Stories possible.

Next Steps

Those are just a couple of ways you can advertise with us. We love to collaborate, are open to new ideas, and willing to explore offers.

After reviewing the options above, if you have questions or would like to purchase advertising please contact us through our Help Desk at

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