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Lulu's Insanity – Spiritual Story By Anthony de Mello

Lulu’s Insanity

A visitor to an insane asylum found one of the inmates rocking back and forth in a chair cooing repeatedly in a soft, contented manner, Lulu, Lulu... What's this man's problem? he asked the doctor. Lulu. She was a woman who...
Damned Devotee – Spiritual Story By Anthony de Mello

Damned Devotee

The devotee knelt to be initiated into discipleship. The guru whispered the sacred mantra into his ear, warning him not to reveal it to anyone. What will happen if I do? asked the devotee. Said the guru, Anyone you reveal the mantra to will be liberated from the bondage of ignorance and suffering, but you yourself will be excluded from discipleship and suffer damnation....
Dog and the Cod Liver Oil – Spiritual Story By Anthony de Mello

Dog and the Cod Liver Oil

A man began to give large doses of cod-liver oil to his Doberman because he had been told that the stuff was good for dogs. Each day he would hold the head of the protesting dog between his knees, force its jaws open, and pour the liquid down its throat. One day the dog broke loose and...
Old Man on the Island – Spiritual Story By Anthony de Mello

Old Man on the Island

An old man had lived most of his life on what was considered to be one of the loveliest islands in the world. Now that he had returned to spend his retirement years in the big city, someone said to him...
Best Tea In Japan – Zen Buddhist Story By Anthony de Mello

Best Tea In Japan

There was a group of elderly gentlemen in Japan who would meet to exchange news and drink tea. One of their diversions was to search for costly varieties of tea and create new blends that would delight the palate. When it was the turn of the oldest member of the group to entertain the others, he served tea with..
A Gift of Pearls – Spiritual Story By Anthony de Mello

A Gift of Pearls

The guru sat in meditation on the riverbank when a disciple bent down to place two enormous pearls at his feet, a token of reverence and devotion. The guru opened his eyes, lifted one of the pearls, and held it so carelessly that it slipped out of his hand and rolled down the bank into the river. The horrified disciple...
Monkey and the Hyena – Spiritual Story By Anthony de Mello

Monkey and the Hyena

A monkey and a hyena were walking through the forest when he hyena said, "Each time I pass by those bushes there, a lion jumps out of them and mauls me. I don't know why." "I'll walk with you this time," said the monkey, "and side with you against the lion." So they started to walk past the bushes when the lion pounced on the hyena and nearly mauled it to death. Meanwhile, the monkey..
Nagarjuna and the Thief – Zen Buddhist Parable By Anthony de Mello

Nagarjuna and the Thief

The great Buddhist saint Nagarjuna moved around naked except for a loincloth and, incongruously, a golden begging bowl gifted to him by the King, who was his disciple. One night he was about to lie down to sleep among the ruins of an ancient monastery when he noticed a thief...
Socrates and the Marketplace – Spiritual Story By Anthony de Mello

Socrates and the Marketplace

True philosopher that he as, Socrates believed that the wise person would instinctively lead a frugal life. He himself would not even wear shoes; yet he fell under the spell of the marketplace and would go there often to...
Nonoko And The Thief – Zen Buddhist Parable By Anthony de Mello

Nonoko And The Thief

There was an old Zen master called Nonoko who lived alone in a hut at the foot of a mountain. One night while Nonoko was sitting in meditation, a stranger broke into the hut and, brandishing a sword, demanded Nonoko's money. Nonoko did not interrupt his meditation while he addressed the man...