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Guardian's Support Needed – Spiritual Story By BK Surat Singh Ayer

Guardian’s Support Needed

In the kite flying season of the year, there was a kite that flew very very high, all the way to the end of its thread. The kite noticed off in th distance that an eagle was flying even higher, and more freely without the thread tying it down. This gave the kite the idea that if he were...
Significance of Inner Cleanliness – Spiritual Story By BK Surat Singh Ayer

Significance of Inner Cleanliness

Salty and Sugary were not only ants, they were both very close friends with different eating habits. Sugary lived on a mountain of sugar and ate sugar. Likewise Salty lived on Salt Mountain and ate salt. Sugary felt bad for his friend Salty who had never tasted the sweetness of sugar, so Sugary invited Salty over for dinner. But when Salty was about to leave for dinner, he became scared...
Courage for Revolutionary Change – Spiritual Story By BK Surat Singh Ayer

Courage for Revolutionary Change

Once upon a time there was ill-natured king named Amangal Das. This dictator once declared that every citizen of his nation would have to work from 10pm to 6am... nightime until morning, only. If anybody was discovered out during the day, then that person would be
Cowboy, Will You Please Feed My Statue? – Spiritual Story By BK Surat Singh Ayer

Mr. Cowboy, Will You Please Feed My Statue?

A Brahmin once requested to his colleague, cowboy to offer worship and food to his God's statue in his absence, because he was taking...
Trusty Trick Saved Money – Spiritual Story By BK Surat Singh Ayer

Trusty Trick Saved Money

A businessman, with a large amount of money, was walking through a remote area. Upon learning of this, a thief followed him intending to steal from the businessman at the most opportune time. The business man noticed something was odd, and started to pay much closer attention to the thief who was following him...
Kind Heart for Mutual Love – Wisdom Parable By BK Surat Singh Ayer

Kind Heart for Mutual Love

There once were two brothers in a place staying in the joint family. Among them elder was married, having his one son and a...
Forgiveness Of The King - Spiritual Parable

Forgiveness of the King

Once upon a time there was a King in a country who was on a tour with his Ministers, including his royal security and others. He was taking rest, under the shade of the mongo tree at the mango garden with his team when suddenly a stone hit him directly on the forehead. Immediately he started bleeding...
Truth Will Set You Free – Spiritual Story By BK Surat Singh Ayer

Truth Will Set You Free

Once there was a thief and he was looking for things to steal, but could not find very much. In desperation, he went in a temple where the Pujari (Priest) was giving a religious speech to many people. The thief had decided to steal money from the businesspeople, but after observing a new man's presence with different face he decided to listen to the speech for a little while. The Pujari was speaking on the topic of truthfulness, and the thief thought that the talk was not so bad...
One Word of Knowledge – Spiritual Story By BK Surat Singh Ayer

One Word of Knowledge

There once there was a thief whose job was to steal others' belongings and valuable properties from their home and houses. His faith was strong and he believed that, in his entire life, he would never hear words of wisdom from any religious or spiritual preacher. He believed that by hearing even one word of knowledge, his business of robbery would become very weak and damaged. One day, while he was going through a temple area...
Impression of Honesty – Spiritual Story By BK Surat Singh Ayer

Impression of Honesty

There once was a very honest shopkeeper whose day to day business was to provide goods to the local people . He would open open his shop at 8:00 a.m. after having his breakfast and at 1:00 p.m. he would go for lunch. In the evening at 8:30 p.m. he closed his shop to complete his daily routine. However, to get time for lunch was really difficult because he...