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Tolerance Will Win Out - Buddhist Zen Story

Tolerance Will Win Out

One day the Buddha was giving a lecture to all the monks at Jeta Grove, Sravasti. He said that long ago the Heavenly God...
Cutting Down The Tree To Reap The Fruit - Buddhist Zen Story

Cutting Down The Tree To Reap The Fruit

Once there was a tall, verdant tree at a royal court. The tree was richly laden with ripe, lush fruits, however, the tree was...
Sweetness And Light - Buddhist Zen Story

Sweetness And Light

A long time ago in India there was a King named Ashoka. Although King Ashoka had not attained enlightenment, he not only believed in...
Giving Up Oneself For The Dharma - Buddhist Zen Story

Giving Up Oneself For The Dharma

In ancient times, there was a compassionate prince called Tanmoqian. He had a strong resolve to practice good deeds and learn the Buddha’s teachings,...
The Offerings Of A Miser - Buddhist Zen Story

The Offerings Of A Miser

Long ago, there lived a rich old man who was a lecher and skinflint by nature. He lusted after pleasure but couldn’t bear to...
The Filial Parrot - Buddhist Zen Story

The Filial Parrot

Once, when the Buddha was teaching in Rajagaha, he said to the monks, “There are two transgressions that have immediate negative consequences, and surely...
The Snake’s Head And The Snake’s Tail - Buddhist Zen Story

The Snake’s Head And The Snake’s Tail

In a certain place there was a snake. One day the snake’s tail said to the snake’s head, “I should be the one to...
The Novice Attains Long Life - Buddhist Zen Story

The Novice Attains Long Life

A long time ago, an arhat received a novice. One day while meditating, the arhat foresaw that the novice had only seven days left...
Extinguishing The Fire - Buddhist Zen Story

Extinguishing The Fire

“Fire! Fire!” In the midst of a great feast, the villagers turned their heads in a drunken stupor. Through their hazy vision, they saw...
The Danger Of Indolence - Buddhist Zen Story

The Danger Of Indolence

As a matter of importance, the Buddha often exhorted the monks to dedicate themselves fully to their discipline. Nothing is permanent; everything is transitory....