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The Cracked Pot – Spiritual Story

The Cracked Pot

A water bearer in India had two large pots, each hung on each end of a pole which he carried across his neck. ...
The Power of Flowers – Spiritual Story By Pamela Bloom

The Power of Flowers

When I began to study a spiritual form of Japanese flower-arranging called Ikebana-Sangetsu, I discovered I was slowly developing a deeper understanding of the connection between all life. In our first class, my teacher said that flowers can actually talk, that they each have...
The Power of Love – Spiritual Story By Janet Hobbs

The Power of Love

Once upon a time there was a monk who after 20 years, finally achieved self-realization and heard the call to write a book. He had never forgotten that as a young monk, he had been confused and upset by ponderous and misguided religious writings. One day in his despair, he vowed that when he finally understood LOVE, he would write something true, something heartfelt and something that would actually assist people in their journey. For he felt that LOVE, although talked about, was...
The Roller Coaster of Life – Miracle Story By Janet Hobbs

The Roller Coaster of Life

I think I rode one of the scariest roller-coasters possible when my infant son was diagnosed with terminal leukemia. The heavy handed specialist gave us no hope at all. There was nothing they could do, he informed us. He thought John had a year at the outside. I went home and in a kind of timeless pause where the infinite and the material meet, I decided...
A Bag of Hurts – Spiritual Story By Zura Ledbetter

A Bag of Hurts

There was a sweet, wonder-filled little girl who was hurt over and over so badly that she entered adult life assuming that she was so bad that others just couldn't be nice to her. What she didn't know until much later, was that God had given her an extra dose of curiosity. This curiosity is what kept her going, seeking answers. She sought many wise people to help her understand why she was so bad that her mother hurt her. And why she was unable to be better so that men wouldn't hurt her...
Turtle Soup – Spiritual Story By Jo Leonard

Turtle Soup

We were an irrefutable Soul clump, a group of spiritual adventurers searching for a way to touch the hem of God. Every other month or so, we would gather from various New York State cities and towns to meet at a friend's home on the Hudson River. What was once a way station for passing cargo boats was now a...
The Reflection – Spiritual Story

The Reflection

There was a king who presented his daughter with a beautiful diamond necklace. The necklace was stolen and his people in the kingdom searched everywhere but could not find it. The king then asked them all to search for it and put a reward for $50,000 for anyone who found it. One day, a clerk was walking home along a river next to an industrial area. This river was completely polluted and filthy and...
He Put Me In Jail to Save Me – Spiritual Story By John M Lukamto

He Put Me In Jail to Save Me

When my wife lost her job in 2002. She lost her confidence to find new job and stayed with me in Batam. Since then, our family relied on my salary alone. At this time, with whatever money can buy in a vice place like Batam, I and my wife went deeper into drug addictions; I resorted to drugs in order to find peace...
A Measure Of True Strength – Spiritual Story

A Measure Of True Strength

A man was sleeping at night in his cabin when suddenly his room filled with light and the Savior appeared. The Lord told the...
Moccasin Balance – Spiritual Story By Bruce Bevens

Moccasin Balance

Lame Elk, who had just passed his 14th year, had taken on the family responsibility of his father, Standing Elk. His father and mother had both been killed several months before in an attack on the village by a nomadic hostile tribe. He was fulfilling all his father's and mother's duties of providing food, shelter and nurturing for his younger brother and two younger sisters. He was proud of himself, even though it was harder to do than he let on...