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Holding the Space – Spiritual Story By Kelly Ballard

Holding the Space

For the past few years, I have gone on an annual women's spiritual retreat. I had never been on a retreat before several years ago. The only other time I voluntarily lived with women was in college and only then because boys were too messy and smelled funny. To be perfectly frank, in the past I never liked women all that much. I usually...
Being the Change – Spiritual Story By Jason Randhawa

Being the Change

Throughout his entire life, Ozwald was considered to be a sage by most of the people who knew him. Although he was a very introverted kid, even from an early age he was regarded as being wise beyond his physical years. He was introverted because of the many inner connections he felt with nature and the entire universe. The young boy was fortunate enough to...
Hearing The Voices Of The Divine Spirit – Spiritual Story By Hope Bradford CHt

Hearing The Voices Of The Divine Spirit

Indeed, the story of The Living Word of Kuan Yin may have begun when Lena Lees prayed to a beautiful stone visage of Kuan Yin. During the third trimester of her pregnancy, Lena and her family traveled from California to visit with family and friends in Philadelphia. Her delivery date swiftly approaching, Lena knew this would be the last time for a while that she'd be able to...
The Chess Game – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

The Chess Game

A young man said to the abbot from the monastery: "I'd actually like to be a monk, but I haven't learned anything in life. All my father taught me was to play chess, which does not lead to enlightenment. Apart from that, I learned that all games are a sin." "They may be a sin but they can also be a diversion, and who knows, this monastery needs a little of both," was the reply. The abbot asked for a chess board, sent for a monk and told him...
Poor Celain – Spiritual Story By Keith Beasley

Poor Celain

Tibeta was, as usual, doing her best to keep a low profile. With her head down she sat behind the counter of her aunt's china shop. Surreptitiously she was reading her favourite ancient parables, but carefully enclosed in one of her aunt's books on business etiquette. She knew that if Celain caught her reading this forbidden material she'd...
The Battle Within – Native American Parable

The Battle Within

An old Cherokee describes an experience going on inside himself.... "It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is good - he is...
The Banyan Deer – Spiritual Story By Ellen C. Babbitt

The Banyan Deer

It is told about Gautama Buddha that he spent many lives in animal form, as various animals of the forest, before being born in human form as the prince, Siddhartha of the Sakhya clan. This story is about his life as King of the Deer. Three kings come into our story. One is Brahmadatta, a man, King of Benares, who had a "deer park" - a large private hunting ground whereroamed a thousand deer. The second is the future Buddha, king of the Banyan Deer and golden in color, the third the king of...
The True Purpose of Relationships – Spiritual Story By Anmol Mehta

The True Purpose of Relationships

In a land far away a beautiful princess was about to get married to her dream man. She had been told he was the perfect man. Full of love, compassion, strength and intelligence--and of course handsome as hell. She was so happy. The wedding day came and went, the whole kingdom celebrated and all was well. The morning after an equally wonderful wedding night, the princess brought her new husband tea and biscuits in bed. He smiled, ate, drank, told her how deeply he loved her and then slapped her...
The True Meaning of Laziness – Zen Buddhist Story By Anmol Mehta

The True Meaning of Laziness

Zen Master Blumise was growing very old. He had been the head abbot of No Wind Monastery for a very long time and was ready to anoint a successor. Master Blumise decreed that the monk who he felt was least lazy, would take over as head abbot of No Wind Monastery. Everyone knew that the real competition was only between Chin and Tara. They both had immense character, were flush with noble qualities and were favorite students of Master Blumise. The competition was on...
The Age of Aquarium – Spiritual Story By Mark Edgemon

The Age of Aquarium

My name is Sam. I live a couple of blocks from my favorite Chinese restaurant, Asian Buffet. They have everything there, over two hundred items. You can't beat it for just $6.50 plus drink and tip. When they're busy, I usually wait in the lobby, occasionally looking at their aquarium, filled with all types of colorful, exotic fishes. One afternoon, as I was looking in the tank, one in particular came up to the glass and stared at me.