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You Have A Staff And Yet You Don't Have A Staff - Spiritual Story by Osho

You Have A Staff And Yet You Don’t Have A Staff

ZEN MASTER: "I have here a staff, and yet I don't have a staff. How would you explain that?" Jewish novice: "I wouldn't!" Master: "Now, don't...
Osho Life Story And Biography

Osho Life Story & Biography

Osho Life Story Overview Osho, born by the name Rajneesh, was a charismatic spiritual movement leader. He was the founder of an ashram in his...
Nobody Believes – Zen Parable By Paulo Coelho

Nobody Believes

Legend has it that right after his Enlightenment, Buddha decided to go for a walk in the country. On the way he came upon a farmer, who was impressed at the light shining from the master. My friend, who are you? asked the farmer. Because I...
The Library of God – Spiritual Story By Anmol Mehta

The Library of God

The most revered building at No Wind monastery was a quiet, humble structure that stood at the outskirts of the grounds and boasted the sign, The Library of God. The monks knew this building was a special place, not only because they could feel the divine vibrations just by being near it, but also because all the special monks who Zen Master Blumise had allowed into the library, always came out enlightened. The strange thing about the library though, was that no one knew...
Unconditional Acceptance – Spiritual Story By Pat Campbell

Unconditional Acceptance

A couple of years ago I met a dear old lady who I will call Annie (not her real name). She was 97 and very frail and unable to walk but with a mind as bright as a button. I only knew her for a few short weeks before she passed on but I felt I knew her for a lifetime. We shared so much of ourselves in that short time and I feel very blessed to have known her. I attended Annie's funeral and it was there that I received the first part of a profound enlightenment....
Secrets of the Universe – Spiritual Story By Anmol Mehta

Secrets of the Universe

Monk Totonaka had just joined Nowind Monastery a few months back, and he was absolutely delighted with all the spiritual growth he had experienced there in that short time. You see for many years, prior to joining Nowind, Totonaka had worked furiously to try to awaken himself. He had meditated night and day, and had been absolutely obsessed with enlightenment. In fact, he had pushed himself so hard, that finally he suffered a full mental and physical breakdown...
Zen Master Blumise On A Whacking Spree – Zen Buddhist Story By Anmol Mehta

Zen Master Blumise On A Whacking Spree

There was chaos at No Wind Monastery. The monks were running scared and the cause of their fear was none other than the head abbot, Zen Master Blumise. They all knew that the only monk who could help them in such desperate times was senior monk Tara, and the monks were running around frantically trying to find her. Finally, a group located her sitting by the river enjoying the late afternoon sun. "What's all this ruckus about?" she asked, rather alarmed...
The Chess Game – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

The Chess Game

A young man said to the abbot from the monastery: "I'd actually like to be a monk, but I haven't learned anything in life. All my father taught me was to play chess, which does not lead to enlightenment. Apart from that, I learned that all games are a sin." "They may be a sin but they can also be a diversion, and who knows, this monastery needs a little of both," was the reply. The abbot asked for a chess board, sent for a monk and told him...
Love In Action – Spiritual Story By Ma Prem Pushpa

Love In Action

Once upon a time there lived a man in England. Matisse was his name. Creation was his greatest passion. Art, music, poetry — each realm was a way for him to express a light-blue energy of universe coming through him to awaken higher levels of consciousness in people. Yoga was his foundation; he went there as deep as he only could and the mystical experiences it provided were integral part of his life...
Number Magic – Spiritual Story By Inderjit Dhariwal

Number Magic

Yogi Navnirman was a young, enthusiastic follower who evolved spiritually at Mahira's feet and now spent time moving around different parts of the world with a single burning desire to aid the spiritual awakening of all those who were asking. Mahira often recalled his experiences of some of the interesting and unique pathways in the progress of other beings he had come in contact with...