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One Has To Say Goodbye - Buddhist Zen Story By OSho

One Has To Say Goodbye

One of Buddha’s disciples, Sariputta, one day bowed down at Buddha’s feet. Suddenly he felt the energy falling on him. He felt a sudden...
Nagarjuna And Thief- Hindu Story By Osho

Nagarjuna And Thief

A great master, Nagarjuna, was asked by a great thief…. The thief was well known over the whole kingdom and he was so clever,...
The Affection Of A Tree - Spiritual Story by Osho

The Affection Of A Tree

There was once an ancient and majestic tree, with branches spreading out towards the sky. When it was in a flowering mood, butterflies of...
The Wise Rainmaker - Spiritual Story by Osho

The Wise Rainmaker

In a province, no rain had fallen for a long time. Everything was dried up. At last the citizens decided to fetch the rainmaker....
Spiritual Movie Review: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Spiritual Movie Review: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

On the surface, Best Exotic looks like a rehash of several previous movies -- comedic, dramatic, and romantic. To oversimplify like that would unfortunately...

The Story of Being

The Story of Being By Gemma Spurgeon Screaming souls trapped and calling out. This is the Lower Level Dimension. There are many levels of dimension,...
Where Do All the Prayers Go – Spiritual Story By Rabbi Allen S. Maller

Where Do All the Prayers Go

David was sitting with his grandmother Miriam in the backyard eating cookies when he suddenly asked her. Where do all the prayers go? I mean, I know you say prayers to God but how do they find their way to God?
Bird Dogging Through Life – Spiritual Story By Chris Cade

Bird Dogging Through Life

Once upon a time there was a little dog who wanted to have a big impact in the world. He was a fast dog with quick wits, and he knew what it took to succeed in life. And though though was very proud of his papa for the way he always rounded up the sheep, this little dog had his sights set even higher.

See, every day the little dog looked up into the sky and saw...
How A Random Act of Kindness Turned 93 Dollars Into One Hundred Thousand For the Hungry – Spiritual Story By Carolee Hazard

How A Random Act of Kindness Turned 93 Dollars Into One...

On August 11th, 2009, Jenni Ware found herself stranded at the Menlo Park Trader Joe's checkout line - her wallet was gone. Her already hectic day had just taken a turn for the worse. Carolee Hazard, a complete stranger, approached the distressed Ware and offered to pay the $207 bill. Jenni gratefully accepted and promised to repay her. Once home, Carolee posted on Facebook what had transpired, adding that she was "vacillating between feeling really good and very, very stupid...
Lessons from a Mongoose – Spiritual Story By Radhanath Swami

Lessons from a Mongoose

In Kandahar, the people greeted me warmly. One man in particular, Hariz, took a special interest in me. Tall and well groomed, he was an educated man who had acquired wealth and respect in the trading business. After guiding me on a tour of Kandahar, he invited me into his spacious house. One night...