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Carrots, Eggs, or Coffee – Spiritual Story

Carrots, Eggs, or Coffee

A young woman went to her grandmother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed as one problem was solved, a new one would pop up. Her grandmother took her to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water and...
Unleashing Your Inner Power – Spiritual Story By Jen Blackert

Unleashing Your Inner Power

Have you ever felt like you were taught to hide or attack your problems instead of looking to your highest self for direction? We spend too much time on the small details of daily life and not enough time looking at our future vision and inner viewpoint. The truth is I spent much of my late teens and early adulthood in a state of restless anxiety. It seemed as if I was always chasing something, trying to get something or being someone else or somewhere else. ..
Significance of Inner Cleanliness – Spiritual Story By BK Surat Singh Ayer

Significance of Inner Cleanliness

Salty and Sugary were not only ants, they were both very close friends with different eating habits. Sugary lived on a mountain of sugar and ate sugar. Likewise Salty lived on Salt Mountain and ate salt. Sugary felt bad for his friend Salty who had never tasted the sweetness of sugar, so Sugary invited Salty over for dinner. But when Salty was about to leave for dinner, he became scared...
Natural Order – Buddhist Story By Paulo Coelho

Natural Order

A very wealthy man asked a Zen master for a text which would always remind him how happy he was with his family. The Zen master took some parchment and, in beautiful calligraphy, wrote: "The father dies. The son dies. The grandson dies." "What?" said the furious rich man...
Two Drops Of Oil - Wisdom Story

Two Drops of Oil

A merchant sent his son to learn the Secret of Happiness from the wisest of men. The young man wandered through the desert for forty days until he reached a beautiful castle at the top of a mountain. There lived the sage that the young man was looking for. However, instead of finding a holy man, our hero entered a room and saw...
Poor Celain – Spiritual Story By Keith Beasley

Poor Celain

Tibeta was, as usual, doing her best to keep a low profile. With her head down she sat behind the counter of her aunt's china shop. Surreptitiously she was reading her favourite ancient parables, but carefully enclosed in one of her aunt's books on business etiquette. She knew that if Celain caught her reading this forbidden material she'd...
Ya Gotta Believe! – Spiritual Story By Leon A. Walker

Ya Gotta Believe!

Grandfather Walker took me to the ball game regularly. We were required to call him Grandfather. He was a gentleman, and a sportsman, in the truest sense. Baseball was only one of his passions. I remember him to be a man of few words and among all of his grandchildren, he spent lots of quality time with me. He taught me to score the game in the program in our quiet togetherness. Over the years...
The Messenger – Spiritual Story By Naria Satrick

The Messenger

The light jazz fades behind me as the sound of rushing air reaches my ears. I've just walked out of the coffee shop, one hand trying to hold onto the plastic cup just a little too hot to handle, the other keeping the door from slamming. Nothing to see here, just trying to balance all the things I'm carrying as I step out into the bright sun. I'd reach a hand up to shield my eyes but something would have to fall. So I blink, as the sun warms the tops of my eyelids...
The Happiness Box – Spiritual Story By Naria Satrick

The Happiness Box

In a nameless fishing village on the shores of a nameless sea, there lived a young boy whose joy it was to run up and down the beach, collecting pebbles and shells. At the end of each day, he would keep only the most beautiful of those he had collected, and bring them back to his secret place in the village - an old cellar beneath the ruins of a hut swept away by a long forgotten flood. There he polished them with bits of cloth and ribbon he had scavenged from his mother's sewing....
The Joy of Spring – Spiritual Story By Brenda Barnhart

The Joy of Spring

I am Jolly Joy, and I'm a happiness! But you, as a human, might know of me as simply, "sunflower". Little do you know that we flowers have our own identities and souls, for indeed we do, along with divine purpose and goals, albeit our goals are much simpler than yours? For instance, my goal in this new incarnation is to feel the Joy of Spring! To you this may seem frivolous, but to me, it is everything. It is all I know, all I yearn for, and all that I live for....