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Second Chance

SECOND CHANCE (a story of redemption and transformation) “I don’t care what your friend says, they’re my dishes and I want you to pack them the way I say...

Life After Death - Buddhist Zen Story

Life After Death

The Bodhisattva, living amidst all the comforts of heaven, was always keen to help those suffering on earth. Angadinna, the king of Videha, nursed a false notion that there...

Hell And Heaven - Buddhist Story By Osho

Hell And Heaven

A Zen Master was asked by the Emperor of Japan…. The Emperor had come and asked the same question, Krishna Deva. Maybe you are the reincarnation of the same...

The Worm - Spiritual Story By Ajahn Brahmavamso

The Worm

There is a wonderful little story about two monks who lived together in a monastery for many years; they were great friends. Then they died within a few months...

Thy Wish-Sufi Story by Osho

Thy Wish

Mulla Nasruddin and two other saints went for a pilgrimage to Mecca. They were passing through a village, it was the last phase of their journey. Their money was...


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