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Wall E - Children's Spiritual Movie

Wall E

Many people are touting this movie as one of the most spiritual, must-see, films of the year. While that may be true for...
Vitus - Spiritual Movie


This movie is not in English, so you will have to watch with subtitles. The main character, Vitus is a brilliant child destined...
Curtain Call - Spiritual Movie

Curtain Call

This movie was an enjoyable look at ghosts, love and relationships, and trying to right the wrongs that cause our souls unrest (even if...
Heaven Can Wait - Spiritual Movie

Heaven Can Wait

Stephen Simon from Spiritual Cinema Circle says this is one of his favorite spiritual movies of all time, and I can see why. This movie...
Two Weeks - Spiritual Movie

Two Weeks

An up-close-and-personal look at one family's experience of dying. Sally Field stars as a mother of four grown children dying of cancer. ...
Bigger Than The Sky - Spiritual Movie

Bigger Than The Sky

We all need our own little niche, a place we can call our own, but a lot of us seem to be pretty lost...
Deja Vu - Spiritual Movie

Deja Vu

You will instantly be drawn into this beautiful film as the lives of two strangers become interwoven in a magical dance of the soul....
Spiritual Book: True Stories of Messages from Beyond by Julie Aydlott

True Stories of Messages from Beyond by Julie Mucha-Aydlott

This page turner, which is filled with stories written by those who've experienced encounters by their departed loved ones, will soften even the hardest...
The Healer - Spiritual Movie

The Healer

One last hope is all this family has to save their little boy from the grips of cancer. Can a supposed healer make their...
The Wool Cap - Spiritual Movie

The Wool Cap

A spiritual domino effect is displayed in this provocative film as two unlikely souls come together to show each other what it means to...