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Moon In A Bowl of Water – Sufi Story By Massud Farzan

Moon In A Bowl of Water

One night the poet Awhadi of Kerman was sitting on his porch, bent over a vessel. Shams e-Tabrizi happened to pass by. Shams: What are you doing?
The Swearing Arab and God's Message – Spiritual Story By Massud Farzan

The Swearing Arab and God’s Message

One day the Prophet Mohammad was performing the morning prayer in the mosque. An Arab aspirant of Islam was among others praying with the Prophet. Mohammad happened to recite a verse in the Koran about Pharaoh's claim, I am your true God. Upon hearing this the Arab was seized with such wrath that he interrupted his prayer to...
Take My Hand – Spiritual Story By Massud Farzan

Take My Hand

One day Mulla Nasrudin saw a crowd gathered around a pond. A Moslem priest with a huge turban on his head had fallen in the water and was calling for help. People were leaning over and saying, Give me your hand Reverend! Give me your hand! But the priest didn't...
Barber and the White Hairs – Sufi Story By Massud Farzan

Barber and the White Hairs

A bearded man went to a barber shop and said to the master barber: I am bringing home a new wife; I would like you to cut off the white hairs in my beard. The master took the...
Who Is It – Sufi Story By Massud Farzan

Who Is It

A lover knocked at the door of his beloved. Who is it? she replied. The lover replied, It is I. Go away....
The Tiger and the Fox – Sufi Parable By Massud Farzan

The Tiger and the Fox

A fox who lived in the deep forest of long ago had lost its front legs. No one knew how: perhaps escaping from a trap. A man who lived on the edge of the forest , seeing the fox from time to time, wondered how in the world it managed to get its food. One day when the fox was not far from him he had to hide himself quickly because a tiger was approaching. The tiger had fresh game in its claws. Lying down on the ground, it ate its fill, leaving the rest for the fox.