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The True Purpose of Relationships – Spiritual Story By Anmol Mehta

The True Purpose of Relationships

In a land far away a beautiful princess was about to get married to her dream man. She had been told he was the perfect man. Full of love, compassion, strength and intelligence--and of course handsome as hell. She was so happy. The wedding day came and went, the whole kingdom celebrated and all was well. The morning after an equally wonderful wedding night, the princess brought her new husband tea and biscuits in bed. He smiled, ate, drank, told her how deeply he loved her and then slapped her...
The Magical Gate to the Greatest University for Enlightenment – Spiritual Story By Anmol Mehta

The Magical Gate to the Greatest University for Enlightenment

The excitement on the astral planes was unbelievable. The great Demi-god (Deva) explorer, Nebb Yaw, who had been exploring the distant planes in the outer regions had discovered the legendary Magical Gate to the Best School for Enlightenment. This magical gate had been the most sought after artifact on the astral planes for eons. Innumerable demi-god explorers had sought to find it, without any success. As they had continued to fail, its very existence had become more and more suspect...
Star Light, Star Bright – Spiritual Story By Chris Cade

Star Light, Star Bright

I didn't realize it, but as early as 3 years old I was already spiritually aware. Well, sort of. You see, I don't remember being psychic in any way, and I certainly don't remember reading books like The Power of Now or watching movies like Peaceful Warrior. I didn't feel some grand connection to the oneness of the Universe, and I certainly wasn't aware of any out of body experiences. One thing I did grasp though, was the power of the mind and spirit. I remember...
Spiritual Book: Find A Quiet Corner by Nancy O'Hara

Find A Quiet Corner by Nancy O’Hara

There is a square-yard space in my house that I avoid. It beckons to me. When I grow increasingly stubborn, it taunts...
Spiritual Book: Get High Now, Without Drugs by James Nestor

Get High Now (Without Drugs) by James Nestor

Middle-aged and silver-streaked hippies definitely notice this title and I can state from personal experience that it arouses curiosity. (It's true that the more...