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Miracle of the Falcon Who Couldn't Fly – Spiritual Story

Miracle of the Falcon Who Couldn’t Fly

Once there was a king who received a gift of two magnificent falcons from Arabia. They were peregrine falcons, the most beautiful birds he...
Good Romans and Bad Romans – Jewish Story By Rabbi Allen S. Maller

Good Romans and Bad Romans

Rabbi Judah was a great sage, a wealthy man, and the leader of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel. He was admired and respected by everyone. But when Rabbi Judah was a little baby he had come very close to being killed. This is how it happened. Rabbi Judah was born not long after Rabbi Akiba was put to death for teaching the...
Seagull and the Mouse – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

Seagull and the Mouse

A seagull was flying over a beach in the Black Sea when it saw a mouse. It swooped down from the skies and asked the rodent, "Where are your wings?" Each of them spoke a different language, and the mouse did not understand what the seagull said, but did notice that the animal standing before it had two big strange things emerging from its body. It must suffer from some disease, whispered the mouse....
Thank You Letter To An Eye Surgeon – Spiritual Story By Thomas

Thank You Letter To An Eye Surgeon

Thank you letter to an eye surgeon and the spiritual journey of restored vision... Dear Doctor D, Not counting the Brownie Hawkeye camera I owned as a teen ager, this will be the the second year of my self-taught foray into amateur photography. I am now 72 years old. You can see by the photographs how important sight is to me and how devastated I was when I could no longer see the camera settings or optical viewfinder that allowed me to take photos...
The Roller Coaster of Life – Miracle Story By Janet Hobbs

The Roller Coaster of Life

I think I rode one of the scariest roller-coasters possible when my infant son was diagnosed with terminal leukemia. The heavy handed specialist gave us no hope at all. There was nothing they could do, he informed us. He thought John had a year at the outside. I went home and in a kind of timeless pause where the infinite and the material meet, I decided...
Keep The Faith - Wisdom Story

Keep The Faith

Let me explain the problem science has with Jesus Christ. The atheist professor of philosophy pauses before his class and then asks one of his new students to stand. You're a Christian, aren't you, son? Yes sir, the student says. So you believe in God? Absolutely. Is God good?
Talking With the Devil – Christian Story By Paulo Coelho

Talking With the Devil

The man is admiring the sunset on a beautiful beach, beside his wife, enjoying well-deserved holidays. Everything seems absolutely in place, when all of a sudden, from the bottom of his heart there comes a nice, friendly voice that asks him a difficult question: "Are you happy?" "Yes, I am," he answers. "Then look around you carefully." "Who are you?" "I am the devil. And you can't be happy, because...
Have Faith Will Travel – Spiritual Story By Elizabeth S. Lawrence

Have Faith Will Travel

Three years ago, I was asked to give a talk about ATTITUDE at a business seminar in a hotel setting. When I went up to the front which was two minutes after I started my preliminary introduction, I felt a sharp pain in the middle of my back...
Paralyzed Man – Christian Story By John M Lukamto

Paralyzed Man

In Mark 2:10b-12, the Bible talks about a man who was paralyzed. He heard that Jesus was in town teaching at another house. The paralyzed man convinced four of his friends to...
Spiritual Story - Chicken And The Eagle

Chicken and the Eagles

A long time ago in a remote valley, there lived a farmer. One day he got tired of the daily routine of running the farm and decided to climb the cliffs that brooded above the valley to see what lay beyond. He climbed all day until he reached a ledge just below the top of the cliff; there, to his amazement was a nest, full of eggs...