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Mantra And The Monkeys - Buddhist Zen Story By Osho

Mantra And The Monkeys

I have always told an ancient Tibetan story…. A young man was very much interested in the esoteric, in the mysterious. He found a saint...
The Wise Stag - Buddhist Zen Story

The Wise Stag

Once, the Bodhisattva was the wise leader of a herd of stags. He had a nephew named Rahula, who was put under his care...
The Elephant With Six Tusks - Buddhist Zen Story

The Elephant With Six Tusks

Once upon a time the Bodhisattva was born as Uposatha, the king of the Chaddanta elephants who were considered to have the highest rank...
Eternal Chase - Buddhist Zen Story By Osho

Eternal Chase

I have always loved an ancient story. God made the world, and from that very day the sun went running after darkness. And darkness could...
The Deceitful Crow - Buddhist Zen Story

The Deceitful Crow

A crow once visited the island of birds and longed to feast on the fledglings and eggs. He stood on one leg with his...
Story Of T wo Little Worms - Wisdom Story By Osho

Story Of Two Little Worms

Once there were two little worms. The first was lazy and improvident, and always stayed in bed late. The other was always up early, going about...
Truth At Any Cost - Hindu Story By Osho

Truth At Any Cost

THE Chhandogya Upanishad has a beautiful story. Let us begin with it. Satyakam asked his mother, Jabala, “Mother, I want to live the life of a...
God’s Punishment - Buddhist Zen Story

God’s Punishment

The Bodhisattva was once born as Nandiya, the monkey. His mother was old and blind. Nandiya was a dutiful son and lived with his...
The Value Of Kindness - Buddhist Zen Story

The Value Of Kindness

The golden deer named Rohanta was actually the Bodhisattva. He lived with his brother Chittamiga and sister Sutana near a lake. One day, Khema,...
The Story Of Ruru - Buddhist Zen Story

The Story Of Ruru

Long ago, the Bodhisattva was born as a golden deer named Ruru. No other deer was as lovely as him. His golden body shone...