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What Type Of Men Were These? - Funny Spiritual Story by Osho

What Type Of Men Were These?

One school teacher told the famous story of the elephant and the five blind men to his children – but he didn't mention the...
Monk Standing On A Hill - Spiritual Story by Osho

Monk Standing On A Hill

Three friends were walking along a road. Evening was just falling and the sun was setting when they become aware of a monk standing...
What Are You? - Spiritual Story by Osho

What Are You?

Yesterday I was reading someone's life story. When he first arrived to study at Oxford University, he was very shy and bashful. The clerk...
People Are Just The Way You Are - Sufi Story by Osho

People Are Just The Way You Are

A man was sitting at the gate of a town, an old man. A rider stopped, a horse rider and asked him, "what are...
Let Him Be As God Wishes - Sufi Parable by Osho

Let Him Be As God Wishes

There is a story from Junnaid's life... Junnaid came to stay at a new village. He was a Sufi fakir, a great fakir. His...
Resist Not Evil - Spiritual Story by Osho

Resist Not Evil

Some people brought a woman to Jesus and said, "She has committed adultery. It is written in the ancient scriptures, that she should be...
What Is The Sound Of One Hand Clapping? - Spiritual Story by Osho

What Is The Sound Of One Hand Clapping?

A small boy, just ten or twelve years of age, lived in a Zen monastery. Every day he would see many seekers coming to...
A Simple Truth – Spiritual Story By Osho

A Simple Truth

A great master was sitting on the seashore, on the beach, and a man who was seeking for truth came to him, touched his feet and asked, "If I am not disturbing you, I would like to do anything you suggest which can help me to find the truth." The master simply closed his eyes and remained silent. The man shook his head. He said in his own mind...
Diogenes and the King – Spiritual Story By Osho

Diogenes and the King

Diogenes lived naked, and he was a strong man. Four people who were hijacking people and selling them as slaves in the market thought, "This is a great catch, this man can bring us a lot of money. We have sold many slaves, but none of them were so strong, so beautiful, so young. We can get as high a price as we demand; and there is going to be a great competition in the marketplace when we put this man on the pedestal for sale. But, four are not enough to catch him..."
Is Man Free – Sufi Story By Osho

Is Man Free

A man comes to a master to ask how much man is independent, free. Is he totally free, or is there a limitation? Is there something like fate, kismet, destiny, a God who makes a limitation beyond which you cannot be free? The mystic answered in his own wa - not logically but existentially. He said, "Stand up." The man must have felt this was a stupid kind of answer...