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Which Way Is Best – Christian Story By Paulo Coelho

Which Way Is Best

When they asked Abbot Antonio if the path of sacrifice led to heaven, he answered: - There are two paths of sacrifice. The first is...
Forgiving Your Stories – Christian Story By Paulo Coelho

Forgiving Your Stories

The abbot asked his favorite pupil how his spiritual progress was coming along. The pupil answered that he was managing to dedicate to God each and every moment of the day. "Then all that's left now is to forgive your enemies." The young man was shocked: "But...
Why Leave Man To The Sixth Day – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

Why Leave Man To The Sixth Day

A group of wise men gathered to discuss the work of God; they wanted to know why he had left it to the sixth day to create man. "He thought about first organizing the Universe well, so that we could have all the marvels available to us," said one of them. "First of all He wanted to run some tests on animals, so that He would not make the same mistakes with us," argued another...
Why Are You Crying – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

Why Are You Crying

A man knocked at his friend's door to ask him a favor: "I want you to lend me four thousand dinars because I have a debt to pay. Can you do that for me?" The friend asked his wife to gather together everything they had of value, but even so it was not enough...
The Code of Hospitality – Muslim Story By Paulo Coelho

The Code of Hospitality

Two men were crossing the desert when they saw a Bedouin's tent and asked him for shelter. Even though he did not know them, he welcomed them in the way that the conduct of nomads dictates: a camel was killed and its meat served in a sumptuous dinner. The next day, as the guests were still there, the Bedouin had another camel killed. Astonished, they protested they had not yet finished eating the one killed the day before. "It would be a disgrace to...
Generous In Death – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

Generous In Death

A man was traveling from one city to another when he heard that a ferocious battle had taken place and that his cousin was among the wounded soldiers. He rushed to the place and saw that his cousin was on death's door. He offered him...
Stay In The Desert – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

Stay In The Desert

"Why do you live in the desert?" "Because I can't be what I want to be. When I begin to be myself, people treat me with a reverence that's false. When I am true to my faith, then they begin to doubt. They all believe they are holier than I, but...
Can I Help – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

Can I Help

As soon as he opened the church, a priest saw a woman come in, sit in the front pew and place her head between her hands. Two hours later, he noticed that the woman was still there, in the same position. Concerned, he decided to approach her...
I Know What Is Right – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

I Know What Is Right

A peasant was returning home when he saw a donkey in the field. I'm not just any donkey," said the animal. "I saw the messiah being born. I've lived for two thousand years and I am alive to give this testimony." Alarmed, the peasant ran to the church and told it to the parish priest...
Odessa Is Like That – Christian Story By Paulo Coelho

Odessa Is Like That

Catherine the Great received some boxes of freshly harvested oranges in the dead cold of winter. The note that came with it said they were from a distant port. The note said, 'See what we are capable of bringing to you? We need your help to grow even more.' Impressed, she sent a massive amount of money so that this port could develop further. However, the oranges had been brought from other countries through the Black Sea. Without telling lies, the note to the empress did not...