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Nobody Believes – Zen Parable By Paulo Coelho

Nobody Believes

Legend has it that right after his Enlightenment, Buddha decided to go for a walk in the country. On the way he came upon a farmer, who was impressed at the light shining from the master. My friend, who are you? asked the farmer. Because I...
The Daisy and Selfishness – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

The Daisy and Selfishness

"I am a daisy in a field of daisies," thought the flower. "Amidst others, it is impossible to notice my beauty." An angel heard what she was thinking and commented: But you are so pretty! I want to be the only one! In order not to hear any complaints, the angel...
After the Deluge – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

After the Deluge

At the end of the forty days of deluge, Noah came out of the ark. He was filled with hope, but all he found outside was death and destruction. Noah protested: Almighty God, if You knew the future, why did You create man? Just for the pleasure of punishing him?
Does The Master Not Suffer With Bad Disciples – Sufi Story By Paulo Coelho

Does The Master Not Suffer With Bad Disciples

A disciple asked Firoz: The mere presence of a master causes all sorts of curious people to gather round, to discover something beneficial. Can't this be a hindrance and negative? Can't this divert the master from his path, or cause him to suffer because he could not teach that which he wished? Firoz, the Sufi master, replied...
How to Do What I Want – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

How to Do What I Want

As soon as he dies, Juan found himself in a very beautiful place surrounded by all the comforts and beauty he had ever dreamed of. Someone dressed in white came up to him: You are...
Three Precise Blows – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

Three Precise Blows

How can I know the best way to act in life? the disciple asked the master. The master asked him to build a table. The disciple drove in the nails with three precise blows. One nail, however...
Centipede and the Wise One – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

Centipede and the Wise One

The centipede decided to ask the wise man of the forest, a monkey, the best remedy for the pain in his legs. That's rheumatism," said the monkey. "You have...
In Moses's Footsteps – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

In Moses’s Footsteps

Rabbi Zuya wanted to discover the mysteries of life. He therefore resolved to imitate the life of Moses. For years, he tried to behave like the prophet - without ever achieving the results he hoped for. One night, tired of so much study, he fell into a deep sleep. God appeared in his dream...
Knowing How To Listen to Insults – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

Knowing How To Listen to Insults

In a kingdom of Arabia lived a queen called Layla. Her wisdom illuminated the land like the sun, her beauty blinded men, and her wealth was greater than any of her subjects. One morning, her chief advisor asked to see her, and said: Great queen Layla! You are the wisest, most beautiful and wealthiest women in the world. But I have heard unpleasant things; some people laugh at or complain about your decisions. Why, in spite of all you have done for your subjects, are they still not content?
Where The Truth Is – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

Where The Truth Is

"Some disciples are always asking where the truth is," said Maal-El. "So one day I decided to point in one direction, trying to show them how important it is to follow a path, and not just to think about it. "Instead of looking in the direction I had pointed, the man who had asked the question started examining my finger, trying to...