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Sealed Lip – Jewish Story By Paulo Coelho

Sealed Lip

The disciple of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov went to him: "I cannot talk to God." "This often happens," said Nachman. "We feel that our lips are sealed, or that the words do not come. However, the simple fact that...
What Pleases God – Jewish Story By Paulo Coelho

What Pleases God

On the Torah's day of joy, Ball-Shem's pupils celebrated, drinking the master's wine. The rabbi's wife complained: "If they drink all the wine, there won't be any for the ceremony," she said. "Put an end to the party," replied the rabbi. The woman went to the room where the pupils were drinking. But as soon as she opened the door, she changed her mind and went back to her husband. "Why didn't you do anything?" asked Baal-Shem. "Because...
Choosing One's Destiny – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

Choosing One’s Destiny

I am willing to give up everything, said the prince to the master. Please accept me as your disciple. How does a man choose his path? asked the master. Through sacrifice, answered the prince...
Each to His Own Destiny – Zen Buddhist Parable By Paulo Coelho

Each to His Own Destiny

A Samurai who was known for his nobility and honesty, went to visit a Zen monk to ask advice. However, the moment he entered the temple where the master was praying, he felt inferior and concluded that, in spite of having fought for justice and peace all his life, he hadn't even come near the state of grace achieved by the man before him. "Why do I feel so inferior?" he asked...
What Will They Say Of You – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

What Will They Say Of You

As a boy, Abin-Alsar overheard a conversation between his father and a dervish. "Careful with your work", said the dervish. "Think of what future generations will say about you." "So what?", replied his father, "When I die...
Discovering True Fear – Sufi Story By Paulo Coelho

Discovering True Fear

A sultan decided to travel by sea with some of his favorite courtiers. They joined the ship in Dubai and sailed out into the open sea. However, as soon as the ship moved away from land, one of his subjects - who had never seen the sea before, having spent most of his life in the mountains - began to be overcome with panic. Sitting in the ship's hold, he cried, shouted and refused to eat or sleep. Everyone tried to...
Natural Order – Buddhist Story By Paulo Coelho

Natural Order

A very wealthy man asked a Zen master for a text which would always remind him how happy he was with his family. The Zen master took some parchment and, in beautiful calligraphy, wrote: "The father dies. The son dies. The grandson dies." "What?" said the furious rich man...
Work in the Field – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

Work in the Field

A young man crossed the desert and finally came to the monastery of Scete. There, he asked to hear one of the abbot's lectures - and was granted permission. That afternoon, the abbot's discourse was about the importance of work in the field. After the lecture, the young man said...
Town on the Far Side – Buddhist Story By Paulo Coelho

Town on the Far Side

A hermit from the monastery of Scete went to Abbot Theodore: "I know precisely the objective of life. I know what God asks of man, and I know the best...
Two Drops Of Oil - Wisdom Story

Two Drops of Oil

A merchant sent his son to learn the Secret of Happiness from the wisest of men. The young man wandered through the desert for forty days until he reached a beautiful castle at the top of a mountain. There lived the sage that the young man was looking for. However, instead of finding a holy man, our hero entered a room and saw...