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Nagarjuna And Thief- Hindu Story By Osho

Nagarjuna And Thief

A great master, Nagarjuna, was asked by a great thief…. The thief was well known over the whole kingdom and he was so clever,...
The Affection Of A Tree - Spiritual Story by Osho

The Affection Of A Tree

There was once an ancient and majestic tree, with branches spreading out towards the sky. When it was in a flowering mood, butterflies of...
Spiritual Story - A Day of Surrender

Day of Surrender

It's 9.30am and as every morning Adam is sitting on his patio drinking his coffee. He is staring out across the fields. The sun...
Why Are You Here So Soon? – Spiritual Story By Richard Zowie

Why Are You Here So Soon?

Her hair was dark and curly, and she looked slender. She winced, a dimple appearing on her left cheek. I inherited that dimple and...
Sam Segal the Regal Bald Eagle – Spiritual Story By Rabbi Maller

Sam Segal the Regal Bald Eagle

Samuel Segal, the Regal Bald Eagle by Rabbi Allen S. Maller Samuel Segal is a bald eagle. Samuel Segal is very regal. ...
Spiritual Story: The Proud Rock And The Ocean

The Proud Rock And The Ocean

Once there was a Rock. And the rock lived on top of a high cliff, overlooking the ocean. He was a Great Rock. The Rock was Big. The...

The Story of Being

The Story of Being By Gemma Spurgeon Screaming souls trapped and calling out. This is the Lower Level Dimension. There are many levels of dimension,...
Heart and Soul – Spiritual Story By Louise Jensen

Heart and Soul

Once upon a time Heart knocked on Soul's door. "Can I interest you in some Love?" Heart asked. "Always" replied Soul. "Great" Heart responded. "What...
2-Time Cancer Survivor And The Three O'clock Call – Spiritual Story By Tony Agnesi

2-Time Cancer Survivor And The Three O’clock Call

"You will sleep more peacefully after visiting one needy person than after preaching to thousands." -- John Piper Years ago, at a radio...
Accept the Inevitable – Spiritual Story

Accept the Inevitable

A grieving mother approached Buddha, carrying the body of her dead child in her arms. She begged him, I know you can bring him back to life. Buddha replied, Death is inevitable; I cannot restore his life. The woman was devastated, and was not prepared to accept this answer. Seeing her pain, Buddha said, I can bring your child back to life, but only if you bring me mustard seeds from a person who has never had a death in his family.