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Overcoming Obstacles – Sufi Story By Paulo Coelho

Overcoming Obstacles

A famous Sufi master was invited to give a course in California. The auditorium was full at 8AM - the time announced - when one of the assistants came onto the stage. "The master is just waking up. Please be patient." Time passed, and people started leaving the room...
Town and the Two Streets – Sufi Story By Sheikh Qalandar Shah

Town and the Two Streets

In eastern Armenia there was a little village with two parallel streets, called North Way and South Way, respectively. A traveler from afar walked down South Way, and soon resolved to visit the other street; however, as soon as he entered it, the merchants noticed that his eyes were filled with tears. "Someone must have died on South Way..."
When to Be Practical – Sufi Story By Mohammed Gwath Shattari

When to Be Practical

As three travelers crossed the mountains of the Himalaya, they discussed the importance of putting into practice everything they had learned on a spiritual plane. They we so engrossed in their conversation that it was only late at night that they realized that all they had with them was a piece of bread. They decided not to discuss who deserved to eat it; since they were pious men, they left the decision in the hands of the gods. They prayed that, during the night, a superior spirit should...
The Bequest – Spiritual Story By Idries Shah

The Bequest

A man died far from his home, and in the portion of his will which he had available for bequest, he left in these words:
"Let the community where the land is situated take what they wish for themselvs, and let them give that which they wish to Arif the Humble."
Now Arif was a young man at the time, who had far less apparent authority than anyone in the community. Therefore the elders took possession of whatever they wanted...
The Oath – Spiritual Story By Idries Shah

The Oath

A man who was troubled in mind once swore that if his problems were solved, he would sell his house and give all the money gained from it to the poor. The time came when he realized that he must redeem his oath. But he did not want to give away so much money. So he thought of a way out...
What Will They Say Of You – Spiritual Story By Paulo Coelho

What Will They Say Of You

As a boy, Abin-Alsar overheard a conversation between his father and a dervish. "Careful with your work", said the dervish. "Think of what future generations will say about you." "So what?", replied his father, "When I die...
Discovering True Fear – Sufi Story By Paulo Coelho

Discovering True Fear

A sultan decided to travel by sea with some of his favorite courtiers. They joined the ship in Dubai and sailed out into the open sea. However, as soon as the ship moved away from land, one of his subjects - who had never seen the sea before, having spent most of his life in the mountains - began to be overcome with panic. Sitting in the ship's hold, he cried, shouted and refused to eat or sleep. Everyone tried to...
Ancient Coffer of Nuri Bey – Sufi Story By Idries Shah

Ancient Coffer of Nuri Bey

Nuri Bey was a reflective and respected Albanian, who had married a wife much younger than himself. One evening when he had returned home earlier than usual, a faithful servant came to him and said: "Your wife, our mistress, is acting suspiciously. She is in her apartment with a huge chest, large enough to hold a man, which..."
Ogre and the Sufi – Sufi Story By Idries Shah

Ogre and the Sufi

A Sufi master traveling alone through a desolate mountain region was suddenly faced by an ogre--a giant ghoul, who told him that he was going to destroy him. The master said, "Very well, try if you like, but I can overcome you, for I am immensely powerful in more ways than you think." "Nonsense," said the ghoul "You are a Sufi master, interested in spiritual things. You cannot overcome me, because I...
How to Catch Monkeys – Spiritual Story By Idries Shah

How to Catch Monkeys

Once upon a time there was a monkey who was very fond of cherries. One day he saw a delicious-looking cherry, and came down from his tree to get it. But the fruit turned out to be in a clear glass bottle. After some experimentation, the monkey found that he could get hold of the cherry by putting his hand into the bottle by way of the neck. As soon as he had done so, he closed his hand over the cherry; but then he found that he could not withdraw his fist...