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Bundle Of Mmisery - Sufi Story By Osho

Bundle Of Mmisery

There is a Sufi parable: A man used to call every night to God and he would pray the same prayer. Again and again he...
Perfect Woman - Funny Spiritual Story By Osho

Perfect Woman

I have heard about a man who remained unmarried his whole life, and when he was dying, ninety years old, somebody asked him, “You...
Yayati And God Of Death - Hindu Story By Osho

Yayati And God Of Death

There is a beautiful story, a great parable in the Upanishads: One of the great kings, Yayati, was dying. He was a hundred years old,...
God Is Dead - Christian Story By Osho

God Is Dead

These gods go on being born and dying, but these are not the true God. ‘True God’ simply means life — AES DHAMMO SANANTANO...
Awakening - Buddhist Zen Story By Osho


A woman came to Buddha crying, weeping, carrying the dead body of her only son. People had told her that if she goes to...
Sitting By The Side, Watching - Zen Buddhist Story by Osho

Sitting By The Side, Watching

One day Buddha is passing by a forest. It is a hot summer day and he is feeling very thirsty. He says to Ananda,...
Buddha's Footprints - Spiritual Story by Osho

Buddha’s Footprints

He was sitting under a tree. One astrologer approached him – he was very puzzled, because he saw the footprints of the Buddha on...