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Just Out Of Habit - Wisdom Story By Osho

Just Out Of Habit

There is a story that when the great library of Alexandria was burned, one book was saved. But it was not a valuable book,...
Is It Crazy Enough? - Meditec Germany Story By Osho

Is It Crazy Enough?

I have heard a true story, as told by Freeman Dyron… A few months ago, Werner Heisenberg and Wolfgang Pauli believed that they had made...
I’m Alright So Far - Greek Parable By Osho

I’m Alright So Far!!

Once there was a great king who asked his magician to find him a courageous man for a dangerous mission. After a long search,...
I Saved Eight Hundred Lives - Hindul Story By OSho

I Saved Eight Hundred Lives!!

I have heard… From the diary of a globe-trotting young cinema queen: MONDAY: The Captain saw me on deck and was kind enough to ask me...