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Billionaire’s Bliss - Wisdom Story By Osho

Billionaire’s Bliss

I have heard, just before his death, a billionaire became aware that he had never experienced bliss. He must have been fortunate. Some people...
Palace Full Of - Wisdom Story By Osho

Palace Full Of …..

An ancient story is, a king is getting old…. He has three sons, and all are intelligent. They are triplets, born together, so there...
Story Of T wo Little Worms - Wisdom Story By Osho

Story Of Two Little Worms

Once there were two little worms. The first was lazy and improvident, and always stayed in bed late. The other was always up early, going about...
A Woman Who Made Love - Wisdom Story By Osho

A Woman Who Made Love

A very small story, nothing much in it, and yet tremendous is its content. A WOMAN WHO MADE LOVE TO EVERY MAN WHO CAME TO...
The Wisdom Of The Sands - Wisdom Story By Osho

The Wisdom Of The Sands

A stream, from its source in far-off mountains, passing through every kind and description of countryside, at last reached the sands of the desert....
Teachings Of A Father - Wisdom Story By Osho

Teachings Of A Father

Your belief will always find that which it wants to find. Belief is very selective. I have heard…. The boy had been brought into...
One Seed Can Make - Wisdom Story By Osho

One Seed Can Make

I am reminded of a story. An old man, very rich, was puzzled because he had three sons; the problem was that all three...
Truth And Lie And A Child - Wisdom Story By Osho

Truth And Lie And A Child

One day I was playing — I must have been five or six years old… A man used to come to see my father,...
Just Out Of Habit - Wisdom Story By Osho

Just Out Of Habit

There is a story that when the great library of Alexandria was burned, one book was saved. But it was not a valuable book,...
Happy hour - Spiritual Parable By Hari Kotrotsios

Happy Hour

"Tough day?" "No, just taking a quick break." The two Beings of Light reclined at the bar, musing at the human soul below who glared back...