The Spontaneous Healing of Belief by Gregg Braden

This book will be very helpful for some very specific people – those who find themselves having undesired negative emotions, but whose emotions aren’t completely overwhelming. The exercises on understanding your conditioning and beliefs can be helpful and powerful, if you take them seriously.

That said, I think that’s because the title is somewhat misleading because it implies that we can heal the idea of ‘belief’ itself. While that may be true, more than likely you will be left with a new set of “better” beliefs to replace the old ones.

Also, the authors’ voice comes across as presumptuous at times as he compares our reality to that of a computer. He’s so excited about his analogy, and so convinced, that his ‘voice’ doesn’t leave the impression that there is room for the possibility that his model of reality might not be accurate.

The ending also left me unfulfilled and seems like it was thrown on there to get more pages into the book. The book’s potentially reality-shattering and life-changing climax goes almost unnoticed because it is so subtle, and so the last part of the book feels like filler instead of really bringing the reader into a new awareness and state of being.

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