Harmonic Wealth by James Arthur Ray

For some people, driving an expensive car makes them feel “wealthy” while for others it can be a a used Hyundai. Either way, James Ray encourages the reader to find what makes them *feel* wealthy to help align themselves with the Law of Attraction.

Harmonic Wealth is a book that I know I’ll reference several times throughout my life. It offers practical advice in finding harmony within the chaos of different aspects of our lives, and there’s a wealth of content to help make that a reality.

James Ray really connects with the reader through his candid conversational style and truthful account of his experiences. He shares moments in his life he’s not so proud of, and he shares what he’s learned.

There are a few ideas in this book which I didn’t resonate with, and a couple comments he makes where I don’t think James is even aware he’s contradicting himself. I don’t think that matters though because James is also up-front about the fact that he doesn’t know everything about spirituality, and so he only gives insight and advice about what he does know. He also encourages people to only take the advice which resonates with them, and to discard the rest.

For those reasons, I liked this book even more. It’s honest, not perfect, and encouraging to live a wealthier life in whatever ways feel right. In other words, James is human just like you and I and he doesn’t try to be anybody other than somebody who’s figured out a few things and wants to share them to help shortcut the pains many people feel in their path of spiritual growth.

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