The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews

The Traveler’s Gift is a terrific blend of not just practicality and spirituality, but also of fiction and non-fiction. The story begins as David Ponder, who just got laid off, feels he’s a total failure in life. In a bizarre chain of events (which I won’t share so I don’t ruin part of the plot), he travels through time to meet 7 of the most influential people in world history. Each one of them has a piece of wisdom for him that will help him shift from the mindset of failure to success.

Because the book is mostly well-written fiction, it reads quickly and easily. I was continually curious as to what crazy situation would David Ponder be thrown into, and which influential person would he meet next. Though I didn’t find this book taught me anything I didn’t already know, I did feel that it served as a wonderful reminder of the innate power we all already have within each and every one of us.

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