Rich Brother Rich Sister by Emi and Robert Kiyosaki

At first I didn’t plan to read this book, but when I saw it was about spiritual development I figured I’d give it a try. What I found was some excellent background on Robert Kiyosaki’s path to success. The candor that he and his sister Emi share is heartwarming and enjoyable, and it really helps to see them in a more authentic light.

Since I have already done a lot of reading and working with my own spiritual development, the concepts presented were not new to me. As a result, I didn’t personally get much out of this book. I also noticed several errors that got past editing – perhaps because this book was ‘shotgunned’ through the process.

(what I mean is, the process from writing to publishing was very quick, as is evidence by some of the topics discussed and the very recent date of publication)

However, for people who are just beginning (I mean really just beginning…) to think about spirituality in their lives, or who want to get to know more about Robert Kiyosaki as a person, this book could be enjoyable reading.

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