Living a Charmed Life by Victoria Moran

Although Living a Charmed Life is targeted towards women as a followup to Creating a Charmed Life: Sensible, Spiritual Secrets Every Busy Woman Should Know it really is a book for both men and women. Her insights are as practical as they are genuine, and Moran shares her own experiences which help bring a personal tone to the book.

As a writer, my favorite piece of advice she gave which is so simple, yet so easy to dismiss, is chapter 36, Claim a Cafe. It serves as a gentle reminder that we all need a metaphorical home away from home to enliven and enrich our souls – specifically, our creative souls. In fact, I’m writing this review from the Laughing Planet Cafe, which I believe will become my newly adopted cafe here in Portland OR. I am looking forward to writing more from here, and sharing it with you, as I sink into my new life as a writer like relaxing into the deep cushions of a favorite recliner.

In a similar vein, Living a Charmed Life is a book that the more you read, the more these simple ideas will seamingly sift into your heart and mind to find a resonant new home. If you’re looking for totally brand new ideas, this book isn’t for you. Her ideas aren’t new – they’re just presented in a personal and empowering way that connects these simple things with experiencing more joy and peace in your life.

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