Alphatudes by MIchele Wahlder

When I first picked up this book, I wasn’t quite sure what the title was about. The subtitle says The Alphabet of Gratitude which really left me more confused than curious. However, when I opened it I was delightfully surprised by the beautiful pictures, pleasant design, and of course the content. 🙂

This book shares 26 spiritual lessons that are focused on how we can use gratitude to understand the lesson. For example, F is for Forgiveness, and Michele shows how we can be gratelful for Forgiveness. Each lesson also has a short prayer and a beautiful picture, both intended to help move the wisdom deeper within us in different ways.

The thing I like about the book most is its simplicity. Most spiritual truths are both timeless and timely, as well as simple yet deeply complex. This book captures all of those essences effectively, and also reads not like a preacher telling us how to be, but rather, a friend sharing her wisdom with us heart to heart.

To be honest, the only disappointing aspect of this book for me is that there’s not a hardcover version. I really think that having it in hardcover would make it a definite Coffee Table book… you know the kind of book you leave on the coffee table and it catches somebody’s eye and starts a conversation. Maybe that’s just my prejudice against softcover books on coffee tables, though. 🙂

Last but not least, I believe this is a book that you can read more than once, at different times in your life, and gain different benefits from. I wouldn’t recommend reading it in one sitting, but rather, one lesson per day and just cycling through the book. Many spiritual teachers note the importance of starting your day off with gratitude, and Alphatudes provides a delightfully simple way to do that.

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