Conversations With Millionaires by Mike Litman

The first half of Conversations With Millionaires focuses on the mindset needed to become a millionaire… to become a person who serves others so much, that they receive a million dollars in return for their service. Conversations With Millionaires is a series of interviews with people like Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen who share their best abundance SECRETS alongside lesser known millionaires like the founder of 1-800-Flowers and the Wally “Famous” Amos.

There is a variety of backgrounds… not just people who earned their millions from writing books, but also people who wanted to share their love of flowers with the world or wanted to just bring JOY to peoples’ lives by making the best tasting chocolate chip cookie.

(I must admit, I think that my mom’s cookies are better! 🙂

I love stories, and I love the ideas behind developing myself to become abundant from the inside out, so the first half of Conversations With Millionaires was by far my favorite part of the book. It’s the kind of information that everybody can use to empower themselves… even if you don’t care about being a millionaire, and just want to live a better life. I also like how each success mentor shares very specific actions that you can apply immediately to start living a more abundant live.

The second half of the book is more helpful for people who either already have a business (even just a website or blog), or if you are about to start one. It contains lots of powerful strategies from some the greatest marketing and business minds of our time. There are a lot of little nuggest of gold in this book, and it’s not only quick and enjoyable, it’s a great place to start on your path to beocming a millionaire, both inside and out.

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