Confusion to Clarity: The Twentysomething’s Guide to Finding Your Calling by Ann Elizabeth Grace

The first thought I had when I picked up this book – but hadn’t yet opened it — was “been-there-done-that,” and as some say, “got-the-tee-shirt-in-the-seventies.” Happily I was very, very wrong.

Grace’s book inspires with its universal appeal. Any age reader will find the book intelligent and spiritual. And, certainly, those who are impacted by our double-digit jobless figures would do well to read Grace’s well-researched book. Inspiring stories live in these pages, of twentysomethings who drop everything and move to Africa, or quit banking jobs to become English teachers, or who chase after their childhood love of baseball and find employment in that field, if not on the baseball diamond.

One of the best teachers we have is serendipity — there are others, Grace mentions, from goosebumps to inner voice. So I’m wondering why two days in a row, I’m pulled to the word calling. Serendipity at work. Yesterday, Anne Lamott discussed our shared calling to writing. Today, I read Ann Elizabeth Grace describing how to connect with your calling. And, my friend Kami Gray, who today came over to finish re-designing my closet — pulling out clothes and rearranging so I can update my image — mentioned how she loved to organize and declutter and clean out closets beginning as a young kid. Calling. Gotta listen. Mine became crystal-clear when I was around seven. My calling was my search for Truth, and communicating what I discovered to whomever would listen. I used to read voraciously, to help myself out of the dark pit of my violent family, and now healed and living in the Light, I read to inspire others.

I’ll pass along one lovely tip from the dozens in the book. To connect with your calling, and begin — or fuel — your unique journey, make two lists every night or so. One is Gratitude. The other is Goals you can accomplish in thirty days.

Grace says either you survive or you thrive. Love that.

This guest review is brought to you in partnership with Diana Page Jordan who also does interviews with authors at her website, in addition to her book reviews like this one.

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