Thank You For Leaving Me by Farhana Dhalla

Since I’m currently going through a “no more memoirs” phase, it was a miracle that this book even got my attention to review. In fact it not only got my attention, I also thoroughly enjoyed it.


Part of it is the timing of when this book arrived in my life. I had recently divorced, and Thank You For Leaving me is a series of very raw and candid mini stories about the process Farhana goes through before, during, and after her own divorce. It is an authentic exploration into not just the experience of healing, but also into authenticity itself. She tackles difficult issues like the relationships her children have with her ex-husband’s new girlfriend.

At many points in this book, Farhana could have chosen to stay quiet and play the “guru” role. What I mean by that is, after going through such a powerful and profound experience many people feel inspired, qualified, and encouraged to teach what they’ve learned as though they are now gurus or experts on the topic.

Farhana went the other route, and instead chose to share the real challenges and weaknesses she experienced during this difficult time in her life. This is a book in which the reader feels a true permission to be whoever he/she is, warts and all, and to know that the warts aren’t just okay… they’re required for our development.

For me, at that time in my life, no greater gift could have arrived unexpectedly in my mailbox. I’ve since written Farhana a testimonial that will be in the 2nd edition printing of her book… and my hope is that more people will read her work. Not just parents who are divorcing, but also anybody who is looking for permission to be more authentic in the world, and an example to follow from the darkness into the light.

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