Freedom Writers

In this movie based on a true story, troubled teens in a gang-riddled neighborhood take an English class they will never forget in this provocative new film. Where most teachers would have little hope and probably feel defeated after a very short period of time, Erin Gruwell (played by Hilary Swank) feels passionately inspired. She stretches them not only to succeed beyond their wildest dreams, but to also look beyond racial lines for the first time in their lives and learn that it is possible to find family outside the home, and sometimes in places you wouldn’t normally expect.

This film will no doubt inspire you to also manifest what you never thought possible, and will also awaken you to the harsh reality many inner city teens live in. If you are sensitive to violence then this film will probably not be appropriate for you although the violence is not extreme nor overdone; it only serves as a necessary element to move the plot forward.

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