Song of Songs

Usually I like the main features that Spiritual Cinema Circle puts out, but to be honest I really didn’t like “Song of Songs.” I felt that it dwelled too much on people and their relationship issues, their neuroticisms and egoic tendencies, and didn’t really have a “spiritual” element. We ended up taking it out of the DVD player after about 30 minutes.

Now the short films on the other hand, were absolutely amazing—I think this was the best bunch of short films I’ve seen out of Spiritual Cinema Circle ever. All three of them really got to the heart of people connecting with one another, and ultimately finding their one “oneness” through the relationships they form.

On top of that, “The Rub of Attraction” and “Up On the Rope” had strong humor elements which made them even more enjoyable to watch. Of course I’m a bit biased because I’ve always had a soft spot for humor with a touch of dryness and irony.

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