The Last Sin Eater

This tale of adventure and suspense, sorrow and redemption, and ultimately peace and enlightenment is a movie not to be missed. The first time I read the title I thought it would be a horror movie, but it is actually based on the Celtic practice of a “Sin Eater” who is only present at funerals to take upon (eat) the sins of the deceased, so that they may pass into the afterlife innocent and pure.

I’d really like to talk a more about this movie, but there’s so much depth to it on many levels I don’t know where to start. At its heart, this is a movie about a town of people who carry painful secrets as they unlock their torturous past and take a step closer to their true nature.

There are a couple of short violent scenes that may be difficult to watch, yet their presence is integral to the plot. This film is rated PG-13 so the violence isn’t graphic, but if it does bother you then just mute for a minute and fast forward or turn your head away and you won’t miss much.

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