Antwone Fisher

When the world beats you down it feels very easy to not get back up again. Antwone Fisher, however, would not give up without a fight. And he fought all the way through the Navy and was forced to see a psychiatrist for anger management. Little did either of them know how much they would truly impact each other.

This is based on an inspiring true story that will carry your spirit to new heights while simultaneously taking you to some very dark places within. Although rated PG-13, this movie is ot for the faint of heart because there is some violence and child abuse that, although not overdone, may be too much for sensitive viewers and especially children.

This movie is also not suitable for those who are not ready to face themselves in their entirety because it can evoke intense waves of healing if you allow it to do so. Not only will Antwone’s bare naked honesty help you understand that living vulnerably and poetically is not as scary as it often seems, his honest serves as an example of one path leading to a sense of true freedom.

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