Loosely based on the story of Helen Keller, you will be riveted to the screen as the incomprehensible depths of living without sight and sound is captivated beautifully by both the lead actress as well as those who try to understand her plight. A dramatic display of shedding light onto darkness may be a bit too dramatic for some.

The up close and personal look at the vastness of human emotions and the reality of living in darkness will undoubtedly shake a person up, so this is definitely not for the faint of heart. The film would have had even more of an impact if they had slowed down a bit or lengthened the movie instead of trying to fit too much within just two hours. All in all, an enjoyable film that will certainly broaden one’s horizons when it comes to the human spirit.

Note: This film’s original language is Hindi, so English speakers will have to read the subtitles.

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