Wall E

Many people are touting this movie as one of the most spiritual, must-see, films of the year. While that may be true for children, from an adult’s perspective I just don’t agree.

While I did enjoy the movie some, and it did have some valuable messages about the state of humanity, finding love amongst differences, and ultimately regaining the power we’ve given up to any number of “authority” figures, I felt this movie lacked “oomph.”

Perhaps it was because I was tired when I watched the movie, but there seemed to be some underlying substance missing… thus failing to connect all of the themes, characters, and plot together in an impactful way. I left the movie theater thinking that there was an opportunity for a great movie that unfortunately missed the mark.

Still, it is an animated film with meaningful themes and therefore I highly recommend it for children. Movies like this create a great opportunity to discuss human nature, empowerment, and disempowerment in an open and non-confrontational way. Wall-E will provide parents with an opportunity to both connect with their children and provide an opportunity for children learn more about topics that they might not otherwise discover until it’s too late.

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