The Note

It’s been a long time since I watched a movie that really had heart. No, not just a touching movie… but one that really goes straight to the soul of human experience. The Note has indeed done that, and at one moment brought tears to my eyes.

I wish I could say more about this Hallmark movie, but to even say much would give away not the plot, but rather, the heart of the movie itself. The premise is simple: There’s a plane crash, and in the 3 minutes remaining a father writes a letter to his child. This letter is then found by a column writer who begins a quest to return the note to its rightful owner.

What transpires is not really a problem solving mystery, but rather, a mystery of the heart. It seems that everybody who reads the note is transformed, in some way, to make amends in their life in various forms. This movie is also a journey of the heart; as the column writer continues following the clues of the note, she also begins to unravel the pains of her past in a way that she, too, is transformed by the note just as every other reader has been.

What did the note say, and who was it for? You’ll have to watch to find out, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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