The Shift

I found this movie to be a bittersweet experience. On one hand, I enjoyed the three plotlines thoroughly and found myself touched on more than one occasion. I found it delightful to watch as three people made the shift from having no clue about their purpose to discovering a divinity with themselves that illuminates their lives (and the lives of others). The acting was not only believable, but tangible and real. It was also easy to see a bit of myself in each of the characters, and that’s testament not just to the acting, but also the writing.

On the flip side, I feel that Wayne got in the way of what could have brought the movie to even greater heights. The scenes with him come across as a little bit too preachy for my preference. Though the content of his monologues is informative, I wonder if his core messages may be lost in the sea of of telling people how things are… moreso than encouraging their own process of self-discovery.

There are some parts of the movie where a nice balance is struck between these two seemingly opposite experiences of the movie. At some points after the main characters experienced moments of significance, Wayne voices over with some insight that indirectly illuminates what the main characters were going through. I find these third person narratives to be welcoming.

Though I wish the movie had less of Wayne’s monologues and more of the three plot lines, this movie is still one that has the power to change lives. If you can see past the preachy nature of his monologues, and understand and embody the concepts he talks about, then you will experience meaningful changes in your life. Seeing the other characters in the movie go through this process provides a tangible and realistic example that may help shed light on your own spiritual development process.

As with all spiritual content, each person will have a different experience of this movie. For me, this movie was entertaining, and at some points touching. For other people, The Shift may serve as an amazing opening into a new way of being.

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