Spiritual Warriors

Spiritual Warriors is a modern day fable about the challenges we all face in our spiritual journey. On the surface it looks like a battle between good and evil, as a drug dealer begins awakening to his true purpose, past lives, and ultimately how to live his present life more fully.

At a deeper level, I found this to be a very unique film that imparted spiritual wisdom both indirectly through plot, as well as directly through passages read by a narrator. In this way, it is similar to what I had originally expected from Wayne Dyer’s movie, Ambition to Meaning. Also, the inclusion of visions and blurring the lines of reality reminds me of the movie Peaceful Warrior.

Spiritual Warriors is not for everyone, however. If you are sensitive to sudden blasts of increased volume and booming bass, then this movie may be a challenge for you to watch. I’m not generally sensitive to that, and even I found it to be a bit much. The sudden volume/bass changes do have their role in the movie, though, as they emphasize key moments effectively. I also suspect that this auditory experience probably has significantly more impact in a theater.

There is also some explicit language and adult sexual situations (I don’t remember nudity though), so keep this in mind when choosing when, where, or with whom to watch this movie. These scenes are important to the plot to emphasize key spiritual lessons, so the movie would be incomplete without them.

This movie is filled with metaphors, and it will probably take watching Spiritual Warriors a few times times to pick up on all the layers of spiritual knowledge within the film. This movie doesn’t try to be light and fluffy, though it does have humorous scenes and remarks. Nor does it try to be serious and teachy, although it does have some teaching and serious scenes.

Instead, Spiritual Warriors blends everything I’ve written above all the way through, and even tackles the spiritual challenge many of us have of distinguishing fact from fiction and illusion from truth. This blend is maintained even until the very end of Spiritual Warriors, which has a few plot twists that you probably won’t see coming.

In a way, even that serves as a metaphor for life…

Update: This movie is now also available on ITunes for just $9.99…

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