Cold Souls

This movie was recommended by Stephen Simon of Spiritual Cinema Circle, and I don’t know how much I can share about it without revealing too much of both the plot and the essence. The main character of Cold Souls is Paul Giamatti, who is actually playing himself – and he has a mid-life crisis and in an effort to stop the pain he feels inside, he decides to have his soul extracted.

His action sheds light on what many of us might call insanity, and forces us to ask a simple question: Is it enough to not suffer? Or do we need joy and happiness in our lives to be fully human? At its core, Cold Souls is a movie about the journey outwards in the search for deeper meaning in life, only to return back to our starting place, perhaps transformed if we’re fortunate.

This is definitely a movie worth watching, and quite frankly, it may take a few viewings to capture the full essence of Cold Souls. One message is clear though: When we try to be somebody other than ourselves, life gets very complicated very quickly.

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