To say I enjoyed this miniseries a lot would be an understatement – it is deeply spiritual on many levels, enough that I can’t even begin to scratch the surface of it.

Two brothers in an airplane crash into the ocean, their father dies, and the two have to survive in a new land that nobody has ever heard of: Dinotopia. It’s a place where dinosaurs and humans co-exist. Not just normal humans… highly evolved humans.

So when these two brothers arrive, it’s like a clash of two worlds more fierce than if a tyrannosaurus rex were to invite itself over for dinner. Not only that, but Dinotopia also has some resource depletion issues (not unlike our world today).

The path to resolving these conflicts lies in the simplicity of Dinotopia – in living a more humane, compassionate life. Dinotopia is a movie about the bridging of two worlds (actually many metaphorical worlds, but usually two polar opposites at a time) and in learning how to live one’s truth, not just preach it.

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