At its heart is a humble servant, Amal, whose only wish is to do good in the world… perhaps so much so, some might say it’s to his detriment. When I say servant I don’t mean he’s a slave, or hired to help others, I am just referring to his innate nature: to serve. At every chance, Amal seeks to serve and give.

That’s only the beginning, however. Unbeknownst to Amal, his authentic purity of heart gives hope to a dying billionaire who leaves his final fortune to Amal… for no reason other than Amal is the only person the billionaire has ever known who gives him hope that humanity has even a shred of goodness in him.

But because the billionaire was just a random person that Amal served, who Amal never knew personally, Amal doesn’t know that he’s the inheritor. In fact, the only person who knows is a lawyer, and a few corrupt people related to the billionaire who want nothing more than to have Amal disappear so that they can inherit the fortune.

What unfolds is a movie that is a heartfelt movie in which we are asked to ponder what it means to really be of service, and to ask what in this life will truly make us the happiest. Perhaps we all can learn from Amal.

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