Peace One Day

On the surface, Peace One Day looks like just another documentary of a dreamer who succeeds in accomplishing his intened goal. Deeper, however, is a journey of transformation and inspiration into the depths of millions of hearts. Jeremey Gilley began this missions in 1999 with a seemingly simple goal: to persuade the United Nations to have the International Day of Peace be officially observed on a specific day.

See, the International Day of Peace already existed, but nobody knew about it because it coincided with the first day of the United Nations coming into session… and that date changed every year. The day came and went every year like the passing of a fall breeze. Since it already existed, it was no easy task for Jeremey to work around the politics and red tape to get the UN to make such a seemingly insignificant change. In fact, at some points the challenge seemed almost impossible as world leaders who said they would support his efforts, even on video camera, would later decline to help in any official manner.

His mission was further challenged by the fact that he had no money, so anything that cost anything required a donor. This means airfare, hotels, transportation, filming, food, etc, all had to be contributed by others. At one point, Jeremey even met personally with His Holiness the Dalai Lama to secure his blessing and official support for the International Day of Peace.

And that was a major turning point, as the Dalai Lama sent letters to many of the world leaders urging them to support Jeremy’s mission. Yet today millions of people around the world celebrate the International Day of Peace every Sept. 21st because of Jeremy’s unrelenting efforts.

That’s just the details though… and I highly recommend you watch the movie because the story is well worth hearing, and sharing.

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