Broken Hill

Since I reviewed this movie while I was a guest on Spiritual Cinema Circle you may have already heard my thoughts about it. 🙂 That said, if you aren’t already a member then here’s just a little bit of what I thought about Broken Hill…

First, this is definitely a movie about finding your calling in life. It tackles issues such as, How do we follow our dream when others try to squash it? When people doubt us? When people use and abuse us? Not fun topics, but if you’ve followed your dreams then you know there’s always barriers to entry, so to speak.

And since the main character’s passion is music, this movie has many similarities to August Rush. It does go a different direction though, integrating themes of non-judgment and compassion which help fuel the movie’s heartfulness.

Unfortunately, this movie isn’t publicly available (unless you already received it through Spiritual Cinema Circle so you’ll have to wait until it either gets a mainstream distributor or gets a small independent viewing near you. When it does though, I highly recommend you go – this movie gets a solid Must See recommendation from me.

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