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I watch lots of movies, and when I find one with a spiritual message I like to share it. I hope to pique your interest enough to consider movies you wouldn't normally, or maybe haven't even heard of. If you like this list, please use the links below to share it with your friends!

Note: I've also made a separate page in case you only want to read movie reviews from my favorite movie service: Spiritual Cinema Circle.

Only available at Spiritual Cinema Circle

Spiritual Movie: Amal 
At its heart is a humble servant, Amal, whose only wish is to do good in the world... perhaps so much so, some might say it's to his detriment. When I say "servant" I don't mean he's a slave, or hired to help others, I am just referring to his innate nature: to serve. At every chance, Amal seeks to serve and give.

That's only the beginning, however. Unbeknownst to Amal, his authentic purity of heart gives hope to a dying billionaire who leaves his final fortune to Amal... for no reason other than Amal is the only person the billionaire has ever known who gives him hope that humanity has even a shred of goodness in him.

But because the billionaire was just a random person that Amal served, who Amal never knew personally, Amal doesn't know that he's the inheritor. In fact, the only person who knows is a lawyer, and a few corrupt people related to the billionaire who want nothing more than to have Amal disappear so that they can inherit the fortune.

What unfolds is a movie that is a heartfelt movie in which we are asked to ponder what it means to really be of service, and to ask what in this life will truly make us the happiest. Perhaps we all can learn from Amal.

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for February, 2010 ***

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Antwone Fisher
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Spiritual Movie: Antwone Fisher 
When the world beats you down it feels very easy to not get back up again. Antwone Fisher, however, would not give up without a fight. And he fought all the way through the Navy and was forced to see a psychiatrist for anger management. Little did either of them know how much they would truly impact each other.

This is based on an inspiring true story that will carry your spirit to new heights while simultaneously taking you to some very dark places within. Although rated PG-13, this movie is ot for the faint of heart because there is some violence and child abuse that, although not overdone, may be too much for sensitive viewers and especially children.

This movie is also not suitable for those who are not ready to face themselves in their entirety because it can evoke intense waves of healing if you allow it to do so. Not only will Antwone's bare naked honesty help you understand that living vulnerably and poetically is not as scary as it often seems, his honest serves as an example of one path leading to a sense of true freedom.
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August Rush
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Spiritual Movie: August Rush 
Follow along as Evan Taylor, an orphan from birth, attempts to find his real parents despite the fact that they don't even know he exists. Whether this is possible or happens is irrelevant because at a deeper level this movie is about the music that connects us all.

As Evan adventures beyond the realm of the orphanage with barely more than enough to buy a pizza, he's constantly experiencing life as one big orchestrated symphony. That is, until things go wrong and suddenly all he hears is chaos and disharmony. This is just one of the many metaphors in this movie for the lives we choose and the paths we follow.

At some times, Evan seems far too optimistic for an orphan venturing into New York City to find parents who've never heard of him. Nevermind the fact that his parents haven't even spoken for almost a decade because they split apart after Evan's conception.

Sure people overcome great adversity, but his unrelenting optimism seems unrealistic even for me, the eternal optimist. :) Some moments in this movie seem almost too painful to watch, as some parts of the movie seem to be riddled with disappointment after disappointment. Even then, the true joys come from the small, synchronistic (or perhaps symphonic?) moments in this film when the various characters cross paths in seemingly unrelated ways.

Those are the moments that remind us of the music within and connecting us all.
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Believe In Me
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Spiritual Movie: Believe In Me 
Become one with the main character as he is transformed through a series of life-altering experiences after moving to a new town as the new basketball coach. The catch? When he arrives he finds out he wasn't promised a boys coaching position, and instead he's stuck with the girls. He knows the joke is that they can't play basketball, and now he is just waiting out the year until the boys coaching position is available.

What he doesn't know, is that the joke was really on him. Follow along as he bonds with the team, as he learns to believe in the girls he coaches, and ultimately he learns to believe in himself in ways he never thought possible. "Believe In Me" is a movie that is both deeply heartwarming and very inspirational. This movie helps us connect with that part of ourselves which remembers we are all here together, inspiring one another, loving one another, and ultimately believing in one another.

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for September, 2007 ***

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Bigger Than The Sky
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Spiritual Movie: Bigger Than The Sky 
We all need our own little niche, a place we can call our own, but a lot of us seem to be pretty lost in this department.

Meet Peter Rooker: average guy, so average, in fact, that he's downright dull and he knows it. After his girlfriend dumps him he finds himself pulled towards the story of Cyrano de Bergerac; a love story, of course.

Watch as Peter, with the help of inspiring castmates, slowly but surely finds his light. This movie is for those who have ever felt even a little bit lost in this oftentimes confusing world.
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Spiritual Movie: Black 
Loosely based on the story of Helen Keller, you will be riveted to the screen as the incomprehensible depths of living without sight and sound is captivated beautifully by both the lead actress as well as those who try to understand her plight. A dramatic display of shedding light onto darkness may be a bit too dramatic for some.

The up close and personal look at the vastness of human emotions and the reality of living in darkness will undoubtedly shake a person up, so this is definitely not for the faint of heart. The film would have had even more of an impact if they had slowed down a bit or lengthened the movie instead of trying to fit too much within just two hours. All in all, an enjoyable film that will certainly broaden one's horizons when it comes to the human spirit.

Note: This film's original language is Hindi, so English speakers will have to read the subtitles.
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Blue Butterfly
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Spiritual Movie: Blue Butterfly 
This is a beautiful film (inside and out), into the rainforest with a little boy whose biggest dream is to find the Blue Butterfly. The boy believes that this Butterfly will have answers to the greatest mysteries of the Universe, and that it will heal him from terminally ill brain cancer.

The story is filled with spiritual wisdom that will bring a deeper perspective to your life and what is meaningful. It will open your sight, heart, and enlighten you to the true power of a child's will... a will which we all have, even if we're not always in touch with it.

Not only is The Blue Butterfly one of my favorite films of all-time, my toddler son loves watching it also; it's a great film for all ages and the entire family.
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Broken Hill
Only available at the official movie website

Spiritual Movie: Broken Hill 
Since I reviewed this movie while I was a guest on Spiritual Cinema Circle you may have already heard my thoughts about it. :) That said, if you aren't already a member then here's just a little bit of what I thought about "Broken Hill..."

First, this is definitely a movie about finding your calling in life. It tackles issues such as, "How do we follow our dream when others try to squash it? When people doubt us? When people use and abuse us?" Not fun topics, but if you've followed your dreams then you know there's always barriers to entry, so to speak.

And since the main character's passion is music, this movie has many similarities to August Rush. It does go a different direction though, integrating themes of non-judgment and compassion which help fuel the movie's heartfulness.

Unfortunately, this movie isn't publicly available (unless you already received it through Spiritual Cinema Circle so you'll have to wait until it either gets a mainstream distributor or gets a small independent viewing near you. When it does though, I highly recommend you go – this movie gets a solid "Must See" recommendation from me.
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Charlie Bartlett
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Spiritual Movie: Charlie Bartlett 
Charlie Bartlett is a pleasant spiritual surprise from an unlikely place given its prevalence teenage angst, drug use, profanity, a little bit of nudity, and dysfunctional relationships among just about everybody. What I appreciated most about this movie is that all of those subjects are not used to demean or diminish the teen experience, nor to create silly slapstick humor, but rather, to bring depth and meaning to the real relationships and experiences people have.

And more importantly, this movie explores how we are all interdependent and related - how parents and authority figures affect kids, and just as importantly, how kids affect their parents and authority figures. What emerges is a movie full of authenticity, heart, and meaningful messages that appeal to both the young and the old. We are challenged to ask ourselves, "What do I really want?" and then explore how our social conditioning might be preventing us from having it.
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Cold Souls
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Spiritual Movie: Cold Souls 
This movie was recommended by Stephen Simon of Spiritual Cinema Circle, and I don't know how much I can share about it without revealing too much of both the plot and the essence. The main character of Cold Souls is Paul Giamatti, who is actually playing himself - and he has a mid-life crisis and in an effort to stop the pain he feels inside, he decides to have his soul extracted.

His action sheds light on what many of us might call "insanity," and forces us to ask a simple question: "Is it enough to not suffer? Or do we need joy and happiness in our lives to be fully human?" At its core, Cold Souls is a movie about the journey outwards in the search for deeper meaning in life, only to return back to our starting place, perhaps transformed if we're fortunate.

This is definitely a movie worth watching, and quite frankly, it may take a few viewings to capture the full essence of Cold Souls. One message is clear though: When we try to be somebody other than ourselves, life gets very complicated very quickly.
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Conversations With God
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Spiritual Movie: Conversations With God 
You'll have your heart strings tugged while you watch the laws of attraction in full force as this movie beautifully integrates the most important ideas from the book along with the life events that led Neale Donald Walsch to write it.

Sometimes we are not ready to see certain things, but this movie makes it clear that the old proverb is true:

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” The real question to you is: Are you ready now?

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for February, 2007 ***

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Curtain Call
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Spiritual Movie: Curtain Call 
This movie was an enjoyable look at ghosts, love and relationships, and trying to right the wrongs that cause our souls unrest (even if it may not be possible).

The main character, Stevenson, purchases a new expensive home to celebrate his new high paying job, but he's not as excited about living with his girlfriend as she is with him. She has dreams of marriage, and he has no clue how much she really means to him.

Fortunately (or not), for him, the house is haunted by the eccentric ghosts of a Vaudeville actor and actress who bring out both the best and worst in Stevenson. His girlfriend overhears him talking to them about his 'true' feelings and, even though she doesn't know about the ghosts, quickly realizes that she's just another unwanted guest in Stevenson's house and life.

Without giving away too much of the plot, it's easy to see how Stevenson's relationship with his girlfriend is just a reflection of the relationship that the ghosts have with each other. Some of the slapstick humor goes a bit overboard, but even then there's reason for good laughs among the egocentric ghosts, and the miscommunications and mishaps in the film.

Not one of Spiritual Cinema Circle's finest, but still enjoyable and worth the watch.

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for April, 2008 ***

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Deja Vu
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Spiritual Movie: Deja Vu 
You will instantly be drawn into this beautiful film as the lives of two strangers become interwoven in a magical dance of the soul. How does one choose between a stable, comfortable life and another life that is filled with true love but tainted with uncertainty? This movie seeks to answer this question as these two strangers are ripped between what their mind wants and what their soul desires in this rich display of poetic vulnerability and undeniable synchronicities.

This movie is both realistic and romantic, dramatic and simple, heart-warming and gut-wrenching. For the hopeful romantics, synchronicity lovers, and plain, old good film enthusiasts, Deja Vu will surely leave you feeling pleased.

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for October, 2007 ***

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Spiritual Movie: Dinotopia 
To say I enjoyed this miniseries a lot would be an understatement - it is deeply spiritual on many levels, enough that I can't even begin to scratch the surface of it.

Two brothers in an airplane crash into the ocean, their father dies, and the two have to survive in a new land that nobody has ever heard of: "Dinotopia." It’s a place where dinosaurs and humans co-exist. Not just normal humans... highly evolved humans.

So when these two brothers arrive, it's like a clash of two worlds more fierce than if a tyrannosaurus rex were to invite itself over for dinner. Not only that, but Dinotopia also has some "resource depletion" issues (not unlike our world today).

The path to resolving these conflicts lies in the simplicity of Dinotopia - in living a more humane, compassionate life. Dinotopia is a movie about the bridging of "two" worlds (actually many metaphorical worlds, but usually two polar opposites at a time) and in learning how to live one’s truth, not just preach it.
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Earth Cinema Circle
Only available at

Spiritual Movie: Earth Cinema Circle 
If you happen to be eco-friendly and want to learn how to better live in a sustainable, non-toxic world then Earth Cinema Circle is for you. This DVD subscription service is provided by the same company, Gaiam, who produces Spiritual Cinema Circle.

One thing to note is that many of the Earth Cinema Circle films begin by showing how big a problem really is, and that can be dark and depressing, before getting around to showing various solutions to the problem. Not all films in the series have that format, but enough do that if you're sensitive to seeing harsh realities then this is not for you.

Secondly, as a subscriber of Spiritual Cinema Circle, I was disappointed to discover that Earth Cinema Circle does not have reflection questions.

Still, the bottom line is that if you do want to learn how you, as an individual, can make a difference in protecting planet Earth then you will not want to miss Earth Cinema Circle. I look forward to receiving my DVDs because I always learn how I can make small changes that positively impact the world.
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End of the Spear
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Spiritual Movie: End of the Spear 
Observe remarkable acts of compassion unlike anything you've ever seen before in this captivating and deeply touching true story. The narrator is just a young boy when his selfless father and colleagues are unjustifiably murdered by a merciless violent indigenous tribe.

Through several contacts, the boy and his mother magically build a relationship with the tribe and eventually even live with them. Their presence and compassion ultimately help the violent tribe to understand what peace and love truly are.

And if that doesn't already nudge your spirit, then the end of the movie will surely bring tears to your eyes. Sometimes it's hard to believe that these kinds of miracles are based on true stories, and yet, the fact that they are gives us all hope for a better world.
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Expiration Date
Only available at 4-Free-Spiritual-Movies.com

Spiritual Movie: Expiration Date 
This is a wonderfully dark comedy about a young man preparing logistically and emotionally for imminent death on his 25th birthday due to a family curse. You see, his father and grandfather both were killed on their 25th birthdays... by milk trucks!

In facing death, Charlie must ultimately come to grips with reality and his life, not as it was or could be if he lived past his 25th birthday, but as it is here and now.

In following Charlie's journey during his last days, minutes, hours, and seconds, we too are reminded of the preciousness and intrigue of every moment regardless of whether we will live to see another one.

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for March, 2007 ***

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Five People You Meet In Heaven
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Spiritual Movie: Five People You Meet In Heaven 
We all wonder what happens after we die, so this is
one of many movies that strives to answer that
question. How does it do this? The name says it all:
we meet five people in heaven. Who these five people are, no one knows, but the film's message is clear in that it will be people who had a strong impact on your life (whether you consciously realized it or not).

Watch as the main character becomes enmeshed in the hard lessons of the seemingly random individuals he
meets after his death, and don't be surprised if some or all of these lessons hit a little too close-to-home.

Even if they don't have a lasting impression on you, you will undoubtedly be swept away by the gripping emotional memories, heart-warming spiritual lessons, and the hidden meanings of a "wasted" life.
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Spiritual Movie: Flywheel 
At first glance, this movie looks like it was made in the backyard with a personal camcorder from the 80's. There's also a lot of very specific religious Biblical references, and the movie is clearly Christian. If you can either embrace or temporarily disregard both of those things, then you'll find a worthwhile and heartfelt movie waiting for you.

On the surface, the movie is about a used car salesman who is dishonest to a fault, up until the day he stops lying to himself about who he really is and who he could be. He reaches the lowest point in his life, and at rock bottom has only one choice: Embrace God or destroy his life.

At a deeper level, this movie is about the synchronicity and mystery we all feel on the spiritual path, regardless of whether we associate with a specific religion or none at all. This movie goes straight to the core of what it means to be human, and how when we trust in our higher power (no matter what we call it), we can truly experience miracles in our lives.
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Freedom Writers
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Spiritual Movie: Freedom Writers 
In this movie based on a true story, troubled teens in a gang-riddled neighborhood take an English class they will never forget in this provocative new film. Where most teachers would have little hope and probably feel defeated after a very short period of time, Erin Gruwell (played by Hilary Swank) feels passionately inspired. She stretches them not only to succeed beyond their wildest dreams, but to also look beyond racial lines for the first time in their lives and learn that it is possible to find family outside the home, and sometimes in places you wouldn't normally expect.

This film will no doubt inspire you to also manifest what you never thought possible, and will also awaken you to the harsh reality many inner city teens live in. If you are sensitive to violence then this film will probably not be appropriate for you although the violence is not extreme nor overdone; it only serves as a necessary element to move the plot forward.
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Ghost Town
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Spiritual Movie: Ghost Town 
Greg Kinnear and Ricky Gervais star in this very well constructed, heart-warming film about a man who discovers one day that he is able to see and hear spirits. For some, this would be a blessing; for the main character, it's a horrible curse. He is a very cynical, pessimistic, self-centered man that tries to ignore the spirits. All he wants is for them to elave him alone so he can go about his normal miserable quiet life.

But the more and more he interacts with them, the more his heart opens, little by little. This film may bring you laughter and/or tears, as well as help awaken you to your own heart's desires. See what happens as seeming tragedy slowly turns into a miracle with "Ghost Town". Oh yeah, and just when you think you know what happens... well, think again!
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Golden Compass
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Spiritual Movie: Golden Compass 
The spiritual metaphors are rampant in this film about a little girl who, with the aid of a special device only she can use, can know the truth about any situation. The evil powers would love nothing more than to get their hands on this device, and as a result they try to control and manipulate the little girl.

There are messages both loud and clear as well as soft and subtle as a gentle breeze. You'll have to pay attention closely to catch them all. There's a little bit of action, lots of mystery and some very interesting characters who come together to find their own strength when it seems all has been lost.

Still, the energy of this movie felt a little bit dark and certainly is not an uplifting movie. If you're looking for inspiration, then you'll be like me in hoping that one of the next movies in the trilogy lightens things up a bit.
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Groundhog Day
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Spiritual Movie: Groundhog Day 
Bill Murray stars in this unique comedy written by a
bunch of Buddhists that may very well make you
laugh and cry at the same time. He wakes up the day
after Groundhog Day only to find that it is, once
again, Groundhog Day, and everyone else is acting as
if nothing is wrong.

You will be riveted by his plight as this cycle continues over and over again, creating an emotional roller coaster that some would say is indicative of the stages of ego release. This is a classic that will enlighten, entertain and provide endless enjoyment for the whole family.

The ultimate question he has to answer, and it's one that we all must answer every single day is...

What does it to finally break the cycle of the day that never ends?
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Heaven Can Wait
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Spiritual Movie: Heaven Can Wait 
Stephen Simon from Spiritual Cinema Circle says this is one of his favorite spiritual movies of all time, and I can see why.

This movie from the 1970's, on the surface is about a football player who is taken from Earth "prematurely" (apparently a new angel made a mistake!). Joe is then reincarnated into the body of a wealthy, but heartless man who falls in love with an environmentalist.

And while it is delightfully humorous and entertaining, it also provides insight into potential models for karma, reincarnation, destiny, and ultimately finding ones' true "soul" without all the conditioning that we might call our personality."
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Spiritual Movie: Illusion 
People and the relationships we have with them are not always as they seem. A wise person once told me,
"There are two sides to every story. And then there's the truth."

No quote could be more true here, as a dying man is given the opportunity to watch selected clips from his estranged son's life, and in doing so realizes that all the ideas in his son's head weren't at all accurate.

After all, how often in your life have parent and child misunderstood one another? After watching this award-winning movie, you'll feel inspired to reconnect (or connect more deeply) with people you care about, if for nothing else, just to clear away the illusions and love each other in Truth.

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for May, 2007 ***

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Spiritual Movie: Inception 
I feel seriously challenged about how to review this movie. Of course, whenever I notice something like that what I'm really saying is "WOW! There's a lot here and I have no clue where to start. So I'll start typing and see what happens..." It also means there's enough to the movie that I don't want to give the farm away. :)

In some ways Inception shares the "What is reality?" characteristics of The Matrix albeit from a different angle. It also shares similarities to Groundhog Day with regards to what it takes to live in the present moment at peace with ourselves (Inception isn't funny though). It's got a lot of What Dreams May Come in it in many obvious and not so obvious ways (I won't expand so that you can explore this yourself). Yet it's also none of these movies (even if all combined).

Inception is a movie that will challenge the masses to consider momentarily that reality might not be as it seems. For the more conscious and aware individual, Inception will take you on a journey of deep reflection and questioning more deeply what is the reality we choose to create. It will create conversations with friends and family that you will remember, and perhaps even dream about.

On the more technical side, Leo's acting is superb and brings realism to a movie that challenges our reality. It is very violent (much like The Matrix), and fortunately it's mostly guns and explosions so there's no notable gore (just a little bit blood here and there). The effects were also realistic - not necessarily in terms of what we'd expect to happen in our world, but rather, very aligned with what we (or at least I) experience within the dream world.

This sense of realism within a movie that questions all of reality brings a depth that will challenge the viewer's experience of themselves. For those more familiar with psycho-spiritual work like that of Byron Katie and A.H. Almaas, there's a lot of subject matter that will be familiar, though perhaps disguised under the veil of mass media language and metaphor. We're challenged to ask questions like, "What really is a 'projection' and how does it affect me?" and of course The Matrix question: "If you knew the Truth of your world, would you choose reality or illusion?"

There is a quiet sub-theme in this movie that timing is of utmost importance. Most people probably didn't even pick up on this aspect of the movie, yet it's perhaps one of the most important because it infiltrates the movie's dynamics in so many different ways and scenes. It's almost like we have to ask not only "What is time?" but also "What is right timing?"

If you haven't already watched Inception, hold these questions closely while you watch. And if you have seen the movie... allow them to take you into a deeper state of reflection on the importance of time and timing in your own life. And if you really want to dig in, reflect upon what exactly is "creation." Yeah... that'll be a fun one to explore. ;)

I personally wrote down several questions for further reflection (a great inner-world exploration technique I learned by watching Spiritual Cinema Circle). But those are really just for me. The real reflection question is...

After watching Inception, what questions do YOU want to reflect upon further?
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Joan of Arcadia
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Spiritual Movie: Joan of Arcadia 
What happens when an average 16 year old girl doesn't hear the voice of God, and instead sees God incarnated in physical forms? Anger, confusion, resentment, curiosity, fear, denial. Those are just a few of the emotions that Joan has.

And those emotions get amplified when God starts asking Joan to do God's work... to go on missions that never make any sense, and often alienate Joan from the very people she thinks she's trying to help. Joan doesn't always interpret God's requests correctly, and as a result often hurts the people she cares about.

Not only that, but somehow, everything seems to always turn out for the best in the end... just as God intended.

This series combines the depth of many human emotions, as well as the humor and ironies of daily life, all the while managing to explore topics like faith, religion, service, and the true meaning of compassion (which isn't always about just being nice or not hurting others).

As of the time of writing this review, Joan of Arcadia is my 2nd favorite TV series of all time... just a hair behind Kyle XY. Who knows - by the time I finish Season 2, I may even have a new favorite. :)
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Knights of the South Bronx
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Spiritual Movie: Knights of the South Bronx 
While I must admit the primary theme of inner-city kids finding their inner sense of power and confidence through a unique teaching method is not new, and rather cliche these days, that doesn't change the fact that this film was a delight to watch.

So if it's not using writing like Freedom Writers and it's not music like The Ron Clark Story, then what is it? These "Knights" learn how to overcome their challenges by learning to play Chess.

In similar fashion to the other movies I mentioned, the main character in this movie also learns a lot about following his own heart and overcoming his internal challenges by helping others overcome theirs. If you're looking to get out of an unhealthy situation or just make some real changes in your life, then this movie will be an inspiration to you.

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for January, 2008 ***

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Kyle XY
Buy it now at Amazon.com

Spiritual Movie: Kyle XY 
Kyle is a teenager who suddenly wakes up naked in the middle of a forest with no memory whatsoever. He appears to possess talents that are beyond the normal human capabilities, and his direct on the mark observations about humanity bring a deeply spiritual element to this sci-fi drama series.

It's rare I find a TV show I like (especially since I don't have cable), but Kyle XY has become my favorite of all-time. The writer has seamlessly integrated spiritual, inspirational, and emotionally moving elements with just the right touch of realism and humor. I recommend that you watch from episode 1, and don't skip ahead.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that Kyle doesn't have a belly button...
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Lars and the Real Girl
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Spiritual Movie: Lars and the Real Girl 
This movie starts out rather unconventionally, when a very sad, heartbroken, lonely man purchases a life-size sex doll over the internet, falls in love with it (her?), and announces to everybody that the doll is his girlfriend. What ensues is challenging for everybody, and to be honest, when I first saw the previews for the movie I figured it would be some sort of strange dark comedy.

Ironically, you can't always judge a movie by it's preview. What I discovered was the stark opposite of my expectations. Lars and the Real Girl takes us through a heart-filled journey of acceptance, the deep grieving process, healing, and what the true meaning of compassion is. We are reminded that every person deals with their live in different ways, and we're all just trying to live our lives to the best of their abilities... even when it's difficult and painful.
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Mother Teresa
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Spiritual Movie: Mother Teresa 
This beautifully created film will have you feeling as if you are right there with Mother Teresa as it travels gracefully through her unforgettable lifetime. If you ever wanted to witness what it means to truly live from one's heart and to follow one's purpose then this movie is definitely for you.

She will touch your heart & soul and move you in ways you never imagined possible. Allow yourself to fully be open in every way as you follow her tale of total selfless devotion to life energy so that you may be able to cultivate this divine wisdom in your own life.
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Nicholas's Gift
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Spiritual Movie: Nicholas's Gift 
I found this made-for-tv movie (based on a true story) to be somewhat predictable, yet still a very enjoyable and touching movie. I won't share which scene with you it was, but at one point, I had tears in my eyes.

During an American family's visit to Italy, something terrible happens that ends up bringing two cultures and many strangers together in unexpected and life-changing ways.

I really want to say more about this film, but to do that would require giving away more of the plot than I feel comfortable doing.
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Ocean of Pearls
Only available at Spiritual Cinema Circle

Spiritual Movie: Ocean of Pearls 
Ocean of Pearls is a movie which goes straight to the heart about what it means to be human, to make and keep commitments to ourselves and others, and it brings these issues to light through the complexity of inter-cultural relations: specifically, the challenges that Sikhs have living in the United States.

It begs questions like "How much compromise is too much?" and "What do we have in common with the people we reject or are rejected by?" The answers to those questions are different for every person, and this movie doesn't step on a soapbox, but rather, leaves those questions to be explored personally by the viewer.

This is a movie I'm grateful to own, and will be looking forward to watching more in the times to come... it serves as a powerful reminder of what it means to truly triumph in human spirit while staying steadfast to what is true.

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for December, 2010 ***

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Spiritual Movie: One 
One is a candid documentary of interviews with many of today's most prominent spiritual leaders from many different religions and spiritual paths. It is interesting to see where each person's idea of "oneness" converges, and where they differ.

Some parts of this film are a little boring, as I've found to be my experience with most documentaries, yet ironically some of the parts of the movie with the least action are the most interesting (I never thought watching Uma Thurman's dad stare at a screen for minutes without moving could be so captivating!)

Perhaps the most delightful element of this film is not the film itself, but the story behind its creation–just a few guys who were interested in the idea of "oneness," and never thought in a million years it would become a documentary of interviews with people like Thich Nhat Hanh, Deepak Chopra, Robert Thurman, Ram Dass, and others.

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for July, 2008 ***

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Pay It Forward
Buy it now at Amazon.com

Spiritual Movie: Pay It Forward 
Many of us often wonder if we, as a single person, can change the world. This movie seeks to answer that question through the eyes of a pre-teen boy with a larger-than-life determination.

You will be brought to great highs and lows throughout this film, as it touches upon what it really means to be family, to break destructive habits, and how to make a difference in this world, regardless of how difficult that may seem.

This movie reminds us that that we are all one, no matter how different we may believe ourselves to be. It's also a wonderfully inspiring reminder of our amazing potential.
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Peace One Day
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Spiritual Movie: Peace One Day 
On the surface, Peace One Day looks like just another documentary of a dreamer who succeeds in accomplishing his intened goal. Deeper, however, is a journey of transformation and inspiration into the depths of millions of hearts. Jeremey Gilley began this missions in 1999 with a seemingly simple goal: to persuade the United Nations to have the International Day of Peace be officially observed on a specific day.

See, the International Day of Peace already existed, but nobody knew about it because it coincided with the first day of the United Nations coming into session... and that date changed every year. The day came and went every year like the passing of a fall breeze. Since it already existed, it was no easy task for Jeremey to work around the politics and red tape to get the UN to make such a seemingly insignificant change. In fact, at some points the challenge seemed almost impossible as world leaders who said they would support his efforts, even on video camera, would later decline to help in any official manner.

His mission was further challenged by the fact that he had no money, so anything that cost anything required a donor. This means airfare, hotels, transportation, filming, food, etc, all had to be contributed by others. At one point, Jeremey even met personally with His Holiness the Dalai Lama to secure his blessing and official support for the International Day of Peace.

And that was a major turning point, as the Dalai Lama sent letters to many of the world leaders urging them to support Jeremy's mission. Yet today millions of people around the world celebrate the International Day of Peace every Sept. 21st because of Jeremy's unrelenting efforts.

That's just the details though... and I highly recommend you watch the movie because the story is well worth hearing, and sharing.
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Spiritual Movie: Pumpkin 
Pumpkin is not your average spiritual film. For one, it's rated 'R' due to a few sexual situations and use of the 'f' word. It also takes place within the context of college sororities and fraternities, and includes many politically incorrect statements that cross social, racial, and mental boundaries.

Interestingly though, all of those things that are not typical for a spiritual film contribute to the deep spiritual messages in this film. At its simplest level, this film serves as a metaphor for the unfolding of our soul... of looking past our conditioning to understand and accept our authentic self. The main character, a sorority girl, begins this journey by questioning a very reasonable decision that the sorority makes.

Ultimately, she ends up questioning herself and everybody around her, and the journey which follows is nothing short of delightful.
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Song of Songs
Only available at SpiritualCinemaCircle.com

Spiritual Movie: Song of Songs 
Usually I like the main features that Spiritual Cinema Circle puts out, but to be honest I really didn't like "Song of Songs." I felt that it dwelled too much on people and their relationship issues, their neuroticisms and egoic tendencies, and didn't really have a "spiritual" element. We ended up taking it out of the DVD player after about 30 minutes.

Now the short films on the other hand, were absolutely amazing—I think this was the best bunch of short films I've seen out of Spiritual Cinema Circle ever. All three of them really got to the heart of people connecting with one another, and ultimately finding their one "oneness" through the relationships they form.

On top of that, "The Rub of Attraction" and "Up On the Rope" had strong humor elements which made them even more enjoyable to watch. Of course I'm a bit biased because I've always had a soft spot for humor with a touch of dryness and irony.

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for February, 2008 ***

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Spiritual Movie: Speak 
A poignant look at one teenage girl's inner struggle with speaking out about an unspeakable event that took place at a friend's party. Becoming ostracized by her entire school due to a misunderstanding based on not having told the truth about what really happened only makes her close up even more as does the lack of emotional support at home.

Falling headfirst into a silent depression, she easily could have slipped through the cracks. This film will grip your soul and your vocal chords as you become one with the girl's plight, watching and waiting to see if she finally does tell someone about what really happened.

There is some violence in the film, but it is not overdone and is very much required for the story. This movie will push your comfort zones, open you up to speaking out about what you believe in, and will leave you more aware of the depths of pain caused by abuse as well as the healing that comes along with it.
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Spiritual Warriors
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Spiritual Movie: Spiritual Warriors 
Spiritual Warriors is a modern day fable about the challenges we all face in our spiritual journey. On the surface it looks like a battle between good and evil, as a drug dealer begins awakening to his true purpose, past lives, and ultimately how to live his present life more fully.

At a deeper level, I found this to be a very unique film that imparted spiritual wisdom both indirectly through plot, as well as directly through passages read by a narrator. In this way, it is similar to what I had originally expected from Wayne Dyer's movie, Ambition to Meaning. Also, the inclusion of visions and blurring the lines of reality reminds me of the movie Peaceful Warrior.

Spiritual Warriors is not for everyone, however. If you are sensitive to sudden blasts of increased volume and booming bass, then this movie may be a challenge for you to watch. I'm not generally sensitive to that, and even I found it to be a bit much. The sudden volume/bass changes do have their role in the movie, though, as they emphasize key moments effectively. I also suspect that this auditory experience probably has significantly more impact in a theater.

There is also some explicit language and adult sexual situations (I don't remember nudity though), so keep this in mind when choosing when, where, or with whom to watch this movie. These scenes are important to the plot to emphasize key spiritual lessons, so the movie would be incomplete without them.

This movie is filled with metaphors, and it will probably take watching Spiritual Warriors a few times times to pick up on all the layers of spiritual knowledge within the film. This movie doesn't try to be light and fluffy, though it does have humorous scenes and remarks. Nor does it try to be serious and teachy, although it does have some teaching and serious scenes.

Instead, Spiritual Warriors blends everything I've written above all the way through, and even tackles the spiritual challenge many of us have of distinguishing fact from fiction and illusion from truth. This blend is maintained even until the very end of Spiritual Warriors, which has a few plot twists that you probably won't see coming.

In a way, even that serves as a metaphor for life...

Update: This movie is now also available on ITunes for just $9.99...
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Tara Road
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Spiritual Movie: Tara Road 
Drowning in emotional weight, two women are both are looking for an escape from their very painful lives. They connect online and decide on a whim to swap houses. Fate has something entirely different in mind for them, and rather than finding a break from their pain, they find themselves being stretched and challenged in ways that force them to heal whether they wan tto or not.

This dramatic film is rich with emotional wisdom and growth, and you may find yourself healing right along with them as you become immersed in their lives. Though there are some parts that could use improvement (such as the unexpected and improbable ending), this is a very enjoyable film on many levels. Fortunately, as the old saying goes: it's not the destination that makes us feel fulfilled; it's the journey...

...and the journey through this movie is one that will touch you.

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for March, 2008 ***

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The Healer
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Spiritual Movie: The Healer 
One last hope is all this family has to save their little boy from the grips of cancer. Can a supposed healer make their dream come true? This passionate, other-worldly film will help you rediscover what it means to heal oneself and others. It may challenge your beliefs when it comes to the cycle of life and death and all the love in between.
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The Last Mimzy
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Spiritual Movie: The Last Mimzy 
This is not your ordinary kids movie, although I recommend that every child watch it. You and your child will have the opportunity to join an adventure story that intertwines telepathy, telekinesis (moving stuff with your mind!), challenging ones beliefs about physical reality, and learning to view time/space in a different way altogether.

Most importantly, this story is one about compassion and opening up to others. It challenges us to not only trust in the Universe and in ourselves, but also to trust in others who may have experiences we can't explain or relate to.
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The Last Sin Eater
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Spiritual Movie: The Last Sin Eater 
This tale of adventure and suspense, sorrow and redemption, and ultimately peace and enlightenment is a movie not to be missed. The first time I read the title I thought it would be a horror movie, but it is actually based on the Celtic practice of a "Sin Eater" who is only present at funerals to take upon (eat) the sins of the deceased, so that they may pass into the afterlife innocent and pure.

I'd really like to talk a more about this movie, but there's so much depth to it on many levels I don't know where to start. At its heart, this is a movie about a town of people who carry painful secrets as they unlock their torturous past and take a step closer to their true nature.

There are a couple of short violent scenes that may be difficult to watch, yet their presence is integral to the plot. This film is rated PG-13 so the violence isn't graphic, but if it does bother you then just mute for a minute and fast forward or turn your head away and you won't miss much.
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The Man From Earth
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Spiritual Movie: The Man From Earth 
This movie begins at a goodbye gathering for the main character, who poses the following questions, "What if a caveman were alive today, having experienced 14,000 years of life? What kind of man would he be? What kind of experiences and memories would he have?" These questions are explored among friends in a room full of well educated scholars, scientists, psychologist, and anthropologists, and as the characters explore these questions many interesting topics and issues arise that also challenge us as we watch the movie.

If you allow yourself to explore this topic along with the characters, what you will find is a deeply moving experience within yourself that brings you a little bit closer to yourself and a lot closer to your fellow humans.

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for November, 2007 ***

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The Matrix
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Spiritual Movie: The Matrix 
Not just an action flick, this film is replete with
spiritual metaphors and subtle messages. Neo (an
acronym for "One") finds himself falling down the
proverbial rabbit hole as he learns the true nature of

He is believed to be the one who can break the system
(aka "The Matrix") but he has to go through many
trials and tribulations before he can even come close
to reaching that state. Some would say this film shows what it may take to release the ego, but you will have to make that discernment yourself, if you so desire.

If you don't like action movies or violence, then you can
either fast-forward through some of those scenes or put it on mute and read the subtitles. Actually, after you watch it at least once, I recommend re-watching it with the sub-titles because there's so much spiritual depth to this movie it's nearly impossible to get it all in just one viewing, let alone several.

This movie is definitely one of the best-kept secrets for spiritual movies in the last decade. Be sure to also check out the other two movies as they go deeper down the proverbial rabbit hole.
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The Mighty
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Spiritual Movie: The Mighty 
An over-sized junior high school kid who is intellectually impaired and prefers to keep to himself meets a physically handicapped whiz kid who is not afraid to speak up when it's needed. A modern day yin & yang, they not only balance each other out, they also become an immovable force when joined together. Each boy brings to the table what the other is lacking, but the deep level of understanding and compassion they have for one another is the glue that binds them together.

Synchronocities abound on many levels, and healing naturally occurs as the friendship blossoms. This movie will inspire, enrich your hearts and minds, and bring you back to those dreaded junior high school days in which you were lucky just to get out alive. A film for the whole family in which young and old alike will find tremendous enjoyment.
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The Note
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Spiritual Movie: The Note 
It's been a long time since I watched a movie that really had heart. No, not just a touching movie... but one that really goes straight to the soul of human experience. The Note has indeed done that, and at one moment brought tears to my eyes.

I wish I could say more about this Hallmark movie, but to even say much would give away not the plot, but rather, the heart of the movie itself. The premise is simple: There's a plane crash, and in the 3 minutes remaining a father writes a letter to his child. This letter is then found by a column writer who begins a quest to return the note to its rightful owner.

What transpires is not really a problem solving mystery, but rather, a mystery of the heart. It seems that everybody who reads the note is transformed, in some way, to make amends in their life in various forms. This movie is also a journey of the heart; as the column writer continues following the clues of the note, she also begins to unravel the pains of her past in a way that she, too, is transformed by the note just as every other reader has been.

What did the note say, and who was it for? You'll have to watch to find out, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
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The Shift
Only available at Wayne Dyer's Website

Spiritual Movie: The Shift 
I found this movie to be a bittersweet experience. On one hand, I enjoyed the three plotlines thoroughly and found myself touched on more than one occasion. I found it delightful to watch as three people made the shift from having no clue about their purpose to discovering a divinity with themselves that illuminates their lives (and the lives of others). The acting was not only believable, but tangible and real. It was also easy to see a bit of myself in each of the characters, and that's testament not just to the acting, but also the writing.

On the flip side, I feel that Wayne got in the way of what could have brought the movie to even greater heights. The scenes with him come across as a little bit too preachy for my preference. Though the content of his monologues is informative, I wonder if his core messages may be lost in the sea of of telling people how things are... moreso than encouraging their own process of self-discovery.

There are some parts of the movie where a nice balance is struck between these two seemingly opposite experiences of the movie. At some points after the main characters experienced moments of significance, Wayne voices over with some insight that indirectly illuminates what the main characters were going through. I find these third person narratives to be welcoming.

Though I wish the movie had less of Wayne's monologues and more of the three plot lines, this movie is still one that has the power to change lives. If you can see past the preachy nature of his monologues, and understand and embody the concepts he talks about, then you will experience meaningful changes in your life. Seeing the other characters in the movie go through this process provides a tangible and realistic example that may help shed light on your own spiritual development process.

As with all spiritual content, each person will have a different experience of this movie. For me, this movie was entertaining, and at some points touching. For other people, The Shift may serve as an amazing opening into a new way of being.
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The Tapping Solution
Only available at Available at The Tapping Solution

Spiritual Movie: The Tapping Solution 
"If we can be traumatized in 30 seconds, why can't we be healed in say... a week... a day... or even an hour?"

That question comes from a documentary called "The Tapping Solution" that I watched recently. I find that question interesting and powerful because it challenges our belief systems (a common theme throughout the movie).

One of the people in The Tapping Solution claims that tapping will become a standard medical healing practice in the future. Until I watched The Tapping Solution, I was very skeptical. I thought it was a little bit crazy that people could heal emotional or physical ailments just by tapping on various places in their body. However, because highly successful people endorse tapping — people like Jack Canfield and Joe Vitale (both featured in themovie), Deepak Chopra — and some of my friends say it's the most powerful healing modality they know of, I figured that there was probably something about it that I didn't understand.

And after watching The Tapping Solution, I realized that tapping makes a lot of sense from neurological, psychological, and spiritual perspectives. In fact, I already 'knew' most of this stuff, I just wasn't applying it with the uniquely structured (and effective) 'tapping / EFT' methodology. The super simple version is that tapping is a technique which combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.

It's also relevant to note that while I was watching The Tapping Solution I actually had tears in my eyes a couple of times because I was so touched by the transformation I witnessed in some of the participants. Though I haven't personally used tapping, and I am curious about how effective it is for many people, I feel it's worth checking out and seeing if this modality is something you'd like to investigate further.
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The Wool Cap
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Spiritual Movie: The Wool Cap 
A spiritual domino effect is displayed in this provocative film as two unlikely souls come together to show each other what it means to love and heal. The movie immediately pulls you into the harsh reality of their world, which might be too harsh for some viewers. Drug use and despair are not uncommon in this film as it paints the picture of how disconnected the characters feel.

Everything happens for a reason and there is hope for brighter days even in the most desolate of circumstances is what you will find by this almost too realistic film. You will laugh, you will cry, but you may find that, although there is much wisdom and love in this movie, you may not enjoy being pulled through the mud to get there.
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Tuesdays With Morrie
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Spiritual Movie: Tuesdays With Morrie 
I found it to be a delightful coincidence that this movie arrived in my mailbox on a Tuesday, of all days. This was just the first of a series of moments of delight as a dying teacher named Morrie teaches what may be the greatest lesson of all: life.

His student is Mitch, a workaholic who is afraid of death, crying and love. This movie will undoubtedly make you want to kick up your heels and enjoy the simple things in life as you watch an incredible transformation
take place... and if you're open to the wisdom in Morrie's final and best course, you might even discover some unexpected joy and a childlike sense of wonder.
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Two Weeks
Buy it now at Amazon.com

Spiritual Movie: Two Weeks 
An up-close-and-personal look at one family's experience of dying. Sally Field stars as a mother of four grown children dying of cancer. She only has, at the most, two weeks left to live so the offspring come together to do what they can to help ease the transition and say their goodbyes.

The film takes you into the deep emotional components that exist between some typical family members in our society as well as the depths of pain and surrender one must face as they are dying of cancer. It sounds dark and depressing, but the characters try to enjoy themselves as much as they can by engaging in off-beat humor and lightheartedness.

Still, this film is not for the faint of heart, and will probably leave you in a slightly mournful tone. Ultimately, this movie will help enlighten about this tremendously intense and difficult time and may even help prepare you for your own death or the death of close friends and loved ones.
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Uncross the Stars
Buy it now at Amazon.com

Spiritual Movie: Uncross the Stars 
When faced with the loss of a loved one, we often feel as though the world has ended. It's only when we go through the grieving process, and emerge transformed, that we realize with every loss is a gain. With every ending is a new beginning. With every destruction is a new creation.

Uncross the Stars is an interesting, soulful journey of that process as the main character Troy carries out his deceased wife's last wishes: To uncross the stars, and to build his aunt a porch. Perhaps what I found most interesting about this movie was the multiple layers of metaphors... within each series of relationships, there are multiple meanings, layers of meanings, and ways that we are touched.

Without revealing too much of the plot, it's safe to say that you'll be touched in many ways as this movie unfolds, and it'll challenge you to look at the relationships in your life with a new light.

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for March, 2010 ***

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Spiritual Movie: Vitus 
This movie is not in English, so you will have to watch with subtitles. The main character, Vitus is a brilliant child destined to be one of the world's greatest piano players.

Though the movie starts off rather slow, when Vitus decides to take his fate, and the fate of his parents, into his own hands without any of them knowing except for Vitus's grandfather, the story gets much much more interesting.

All Vitus wants is to be a normal, average boy. This tale about trust, unconditional love, faith, and family is well worth the watch if you don't mind watching with subtitles or if you understand German.
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Wall E
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Spiritual Movie: Wall E 
Many people are touting this movie as one of the most spiritual, must-see, films of the year. While that may be true for children, from an adult's perspective I just don't agree.

While I did enjoy the movie some, and it did have some valuable messages about the state of humanity, finding love amongst differences, and ultimately regaining the power we've given up to any number of "authority" figures, I felt this movie lacked "oomph."

Perhaps it was because I was tired when I watched the movie, but there seemed to be some underlying substance missing... thus failing to connect all of the themes, characters, and plot together in an impactful way. I left the movie theater thinking that there was an opportunity for a great movie that unfortunately missed the mark.

Still, it is an animated film with meaningful themes and therefore I highly recommend it for children. Movies like this create a great opportunity to discuss human nature, empowerment, and disempowerment in an open and non-confrontational way. Wall-E will provide parents with an opportunity to both connect with their children and provide an opportunity for children learn more about topics that they might not otherwise discover until it's too late.
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What Dreams May Come
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Spiritual Movie: What Dreams May Come 
Although I watched this movie years ago and liked it, I never really understood it until watching it again recently. Although the movie starts off on a dark note, it manages to carry a pretty upbeat (and often playful) tone for much of the movie. Robin Williams plays his role perfectly, ranging from the emotional states of a loving father to embracing his childlike wonder and joy as he explores the new world of his afterlife. Speaking of the afterlife, Williams' guide is Cuba Gooding Jr. - who also perfectly embodies the role and helps really bring to life many of the deeper messages in this movie.

Speaking of which, there are a lot of very subtle yet powerful spiritual messages in this movie about living in the present, being connected to others, what is possible, and how our imaginations and realities might be more linked than we realize (To name a few). Some of those messages can be easily missed in the dialogue, especially when the relevance of a single word such as "feel" can change the entire context of a conversation, so make sure you are paying attention closely - especially when Cuba Gooding Jr. is talking.

This movie is not without its dark points, however. With so much hardship in the plot, the movie would be incomplete without including not just the highs of human experience, but also the lows. Some scenes may be disturbing to young children, so you may want to watch it on your own before considering whether or not to share it with younger children.

Without giving too much of the plot away, what I will say is that this is a movie with more than meets the eye.

Oh, and if you are watching it on DVD - definitely be sure to check out the alternate ending in the special features. In my opinion, it is much better than the final ending they used in the theatrical version. The alternate ending is both more powerful, and also much more aligned with the themes and content in the movie.

If I had one word to describe the alternate ending, it would be "riveting." The alternate ending isn't your typical 'Hollywood' ending though, which is probably why it wasn't used in the final version.
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What's Bugging Seth?
Only available at WhatsBuggingSeth.com

Spiritual Movie: What's Bugging Seth? 
This unique and quirky film about a deaf exterminator's challenges both personally and professionally sparks an air of compassion and hopefulness, as we shadow Seth during repeated challenges and disappointments. If we pay close enough attention, we can all find a little bit of ourselves in Seth which makes this film an even more touching and worthwhile addition to any movie library. Be sure to pick up the widescreen version only available at WhatsBuggingSeth.com

*** This was the Spiritual Cinema Circle main feature movie for December, 2007 ***

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Wind River
Buy it now at Amazon.com

Spiritual Movie: Wind River 
Was he kidnapped, or did 12 year old Nick Wilson go willingly? Either way, Nick ends up living among Indians for years while his brother desperately and relentlessly searches for him.

That's all I will reveal about the plot, but I will say that the movie was full of heart, and there are lessons to be learned about what family is and could be, when we open our hearts to the truth of a situation.

This movie also provides delightful insight into the significance of a "shameful" nickname, and how embracing ourselves completely is the only path to total freedom.
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