Conversation With Spirit

Hello spirit, it’s been awhile since I have taken the time to sit down and chat with you. I have been so bombarded with life these days that I have been too busy to stop in and say hello. I know my life would have been so much easier if I would have taken the opportunity to quiet my mind, take in some deep breaths and settled down for a nice conversation with you.

Well I am finally here and it feels so good to be in your presence. I know that there were many times when I felt like my world had collapsed upon me and I should of come to you sooner and I know you were waiting for that invitation for you to come in and help, but me being the typical human that I am, thought I could handle things on my own and I never asked for your help and I just sunk deeper and deeper into my despair.

Today is a new day filled with life and new opportunities and I am taking this opportunity right now to have a conversation with you. I am so grateful just to be able to be in your very presence.

A few days ago I felt like my life had been drained from me and yet you were there waiting for the call for help and I still chose not to invite you into my darkness to help throw me a life line to pull myself out. We humans can be so stubborn and set in our ways. I’m not here today to ask for anything in particular, I’m just here to enjoy this moment, to soak up the essence of spirit, to embrace the energy that surrounds my very being just from being in the moment.

I will quiet down my thoughts and silence my mind chatter so that I may receive a message from my inner healer, my inner child, my inner teacher and from a loving energy more powerful than I can even image. Spirit I am ready to receive your words of wisdom.

“My Child, My Child here you are with all of your beautiful colors that radiate from your very being. If you could see how magnificent your colors are, you would marvel at your magical rainbow that fills the void around you and if you could see the hues of the spectrum, if only for a brief moment your blinders were removed from your vision, you would witness for yourself the beauty that radiates from every cell, every pour and every fiber of your essence, then you would realize what a gem you are and what a gift you have to offer this place that you call earth.

You are such a beautiful being, filled with so much light, even on those dark days that you judge as darkness, you still radiate more light than you can even imagine. As you see yourself wrapped up in your personal darkness, just remember it’s all an illusion and know that spirit is right beside you just waiting for you to call upon us. We are waiting to assist you in anyway that we can. We love you and are with you at all times. We honor your free agency and will never impose ourselves upon you unless you ask for our assistance.

When you pray, know this my child that we are right by your side, kneeling with you and holding your hand even though you are not aware of this, we are near you. Please open your heart, mind and soul and ask us to step in and help. That is our calling that is what we came here to do. We love you. You are such a radiant being.

We honor you for your commitment of coming into this duality and then having your memory erased of who you truly are. What an awesome assignment you have taken upon yourself to learn about spirit and how to go through this life holding fast to your beliefs and trusting that the universal source of all that is, is testing you along your journey of this wonderful experience called life.

We kneel and kiss the feet of such an honorable spirit that you are. My being is filled with complete love for you dear one, I wish you could feel all the joy that is radiating from the very center of my energy and know that being in your presence is a blessing. You are more than you can spiritually comprehend. One day you will be able to see what I see. One day your true essence of who you really are will be revealed unto you, but until that times comes, just know how blessed and loved you are and what a beautiful spirit you radiate into and around the lives of others and yourself.

We want you to know that deep within your very core of your soul, is a beautiful energy. This energy is from the God source. You are part of that God source energy and have always been and will always be. The potential of who you are is endless. You have a thousand possibilities of who you are becoming.

Your confidence and faith in yourself is lacking. Trust in yourself, love yourself, become yourself and know that what ever it is in life that you desire, you can manifest it. You have the magical power of the universe right at your finger tips, just waiting for you to intend your life according to your plan.

You have a great gift. All of humanity has this gift, you just have to believe in yourself and trust in your ability. Be confident in knowing that you are a part of God and that God is a part of you. Be happy, feel God and be thankful for all you have and for all that is. Trust in your higher source of wisdom, love and be loved. Give unto others and accept others when they are giving unto you.

Be humble, acknowledge spirit daily in your life, be open to ideas, be aware of your surroundings, listen to that inner voice and follow its guidance. When you are prompted by spirit, act upon that inner knowing, you must participate in the dance of your own creation, know that you truly are the master of your own life, be a part of your life, embrace your life, love your life, become your life.

It’s your life and you only have one life to live, and that life is right now, in this present moment. Live in the present moment, be totally conscious of this moment, pay attention to what is happening right now. All miracles of life happen in the now.

Find happiness in the now. Happiness is not found traveling back to the past, for the past is just a memory, a trail that was left behind from a lesson you learned. Happiness is not found in the future, for the future doesn’t exist, the future is just thoughts that are going through your mind of things that might be. Happiness is found right now in this present moment as you enjoy these words from spirit.

Be thankful for what you have, find happiness in what you do and happiness will find you in everything that you are becoming. See the beauty in all things even an ant is beautiful if you look at things in a new light. Notice the wonders of a dragonfly as it reflects the blue and green hues as the sun bounces off its wings as it dips and zips in the morning breeze. Notice the beauty of a cloud as it drifts silently through the azure sky calling no attention to itself but still knowing that just the appearance of its feathery softness is bringing happiness to someone at this very moment.

Beauty and happiness is all around us. Be totally in the present moment,be in the now. For right now is the only time there is. These words right now are here for you, right now, enjoy them, breathe them in, experience them. See yourself as beautiful no matter how many wrinkles you think you might have. Find happiness with every intake of your breath, knowing that you are alive. Enjoy your life, see the world around you as a beautiful and happy place to just be.

See the beauty in yourself for you truly are an elegant master piece. God is beautiful and you are a part of God, so that makes you just as beautiful. Spirit loves you, your inner child loves you. Trust in that inner wisdom that beckons you to call upon spirit on a daily basis. Ask as we shall comfort you, but sweet child you have to remember to ask. We honor you and will never press ourselves upon you. We will always respond to your needs in the time frame that God has given us.

Sometimes it might seem like your prayers go unanswered, but know this dear one, they are always answered according to God’s time frame, not yours. In actuality God has no time frame, linear time does not exist in God’s realm, time only exists in your realm. For things to function in this 4th dimensional world, time and space was set up so that your human minds could comprehend things easier.

Be patient and know that all of your prayers will always be answered and that they are always heard. Be loving to yourself, be gentle on yourself. Be grateful for who you are becoming, for you truly are a gift sent by the creator to this earth to learn wisdom and discover your own inner light so that you may send light out to others and to help the lives of your fellow friends, family and acquaintances.

You are such a beautiful being sent from that God source energy. The sooner you realize how blessed and loved you are the faster you will be able to share your knowledge and gift with others. When we share our inner wisdom with those around us, it helps raise the loving vibrations of this wonderful planet of mother earth.

When mother earth is being loved, in return she loves us back and offers us such a blessing and a gift of her natural resources. Be aware of your present moment, pay attention to what is around you, find beauty and happiness in everything you do, share that wisdom with others, raise your own personal vibration of love and light and when you do that can you imagine what a beautiful place this world will be to live in.

Spirit leaves you this message to ponder, to absorb into your present moment, to partake of the gift of knowledge that you have been given this day. Remember that spirit is with you at all times and that you need to communicate daily with spirit in order for this God source energy to benefit your humble existence on this beautiful planet, that you call earth.

Until our paths shall meet again, know this Dear One, that you are truly loved.”

This spiritual short story written by Leslie Moon Blackburn © 2006. Leslie has always loved to write, ever since second grade, and now that love has manifested itself in the form of automatic writing (a form of channeling). She received this gift from God after a series of life challenges that ultimately brought her away from the religion she previously associated with and closer to her God source energy, and she is grateful to be able to share her gift with others.

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